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Dorian Johnnson G
3 Dorian Johnson OG 46 Pitt Sr 6050 300 2

Cards opened up Day 3 drafting in the 8-hole of the 4th round. Still undrafted were QB's Dobbs and Peterson along with DB Lorenzo Jerome. Pickins are getting pretty slim. All three of these players made it to #8. Instead, the Cards selected Johnson - considered a top 3-ranked guard by PFW and Lindy's.. He'd be well-suited to fill the hole at RG on the Cardinal O-line. There are also some comments about his starting out at guard and eventually moving over to center (sort of the mirror image of Evan Boehm's career path). Considered a solid pick by the NFLN crew (assuming, of course, that he clears the medics).

Highly regarded OG who, according to Mike Mayock was medically red-flagged due to a bad liver test result which in turn caused his stock to fall in the draft. PFW had him rated their #3 guard. NFLN tape showed a finisher in the run game. - Gollin

Since his freshman year, Johnson has been a fixture at the left guard position. He started 39 straight games for the Panthers...Solid athlete when asked to play in space. Plays with leg drive as run blocker. Uses choppy, accelerated feet into contact and keeps chopping them through contact to secure the block. Operates with quality balance and limited waist-bending. ..Arm length of a tackle. Understands his job on each play. Accurate radar in seeking out second-level targets...Excels on short pulls with smooth lateral footwork and solid, squared contact. Keeps hands inside and will punch and re-set hands when necessary. Sets up with good base and anchor in pass pro.

But inconsistent coming out of his stance. At times too aggressive when he moves up to second level and will climb beyond his target. Needs to improve patience on his climb to create more consistency with his angles and let hands go more quickly in run game. Punches and pushes target with authority but doesn't snatch the framework and lock in, allowing active defenders to spin and squirm out of his blocks...

Hard-nosed and smart. Scout Says: "I like everything about him -- his length, his frame, his toughness, his durability, his consistency. Ten-year starter in the league."Comp: Jack Mewhort. ...known for his consistency and well-rounded game. Functional power to turn defenders out of the hole and enough athleticism to match any run-game scheme. Doesn't carry bad weight and should be able to add more bulk with no problem. Some weaknesses, but nothing appears to be glaring /should set into a starter's role right away and become a solid NFL guard. - Zierlein

SI (Ranks #4) - He and Price both excel as run blockers, too, and Price has to be athletic to do his job in Urban Meyer’s scheme.

Plays a physical game and looks to finish...Good but not great athlete...Very consistent pass blocker...Consistent pass blocker...good on short pulls and traps...good short area quicks but slows down after that...occasional problems with combo moves...might be suitable at OC...- PFW

Started 27 straight games and has been a steady blocker in the ground game. Looks the part /nice performance against Penn State. Some ability to contribute to the ground game. But, some scouts have a third-day grade on Johnson. They feel he lacks athleticism and the capability to block in space. Many teams say they've graded him as a fourth- or fifth-rounder, but other teams have him graded on the second day. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.27...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 21 ...VJ: 30.0 ...BJ: ...SS: 5.09...LS: ...3C: 8.39. Arm: 35.25



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