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William Holden
11+ Will Holden OT 120+ Vanderbilt xx 6070 311 xx

Cards (continuing to pass on a QB) selected Holden with the first of their two 5th round picks (#157). His write-ups suggest a solid if unspectacular lineman with starting potential. PFW ranks him #15. Lindy's ranks him #9...Vanderbilt smart. Comes across as a safe, solid pick you like to help build your roster. Kudos to Steve Keim for not ignoring the O-line just because there was no pressing need.

Good lunch-pail type mid-round value. Will not wow you with "happy feet" in pass pro, but is more suited as a run-game mauler on the right side. Figures to be "Vanderbilt smart." - Gollin

Three-year starter with experience at both tackle positions...Lack of speed to the edge in his kick slides makes a career at LT unlikely. Good power as a drive blocker and should be a natural fit on the right side. Offensive line coaches will fret over his short arms, but he's a tough guy, with core strength and plus-technique who can win a spot on a roster.

Operates with adequate body control at POA and in space. Efficient in his movement. Climbs to the second level and is patient before engaging. Has power in his push and can be an effective drive blocker. Technician who plays with good fundamentals to counter athletic limitations. Very good core strength/can anchor after an early bull rush. Can lock down pass rushers with his grip strength.

But he has some quickness limitations that should move him to the right side. Short arms...Relatively heavy feet /will struggle to mirror in space. Reach blocks and shutting down stunts will be a challenge - lacks enough gain in his kick slide to handle edge speed. Had trouble shutting down tackle/end twists. -

Good natural size with room to get bigger...Short arms...can have trouble with wide speed and quick counter-moves...Projects to RT or OG...Tough and competitive...should challnge for a starting job by Year Three. (Lots of similar types playing in the league right now).- PFW

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 5.47...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 23 ...VJ: 28.0...BJ: 111...SS: 4.72...LS: ...3C: 7.71...Arm: 33.25....Hnd: 10.1



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