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T.J. Logan

T.J. Logan
North Carolina xx 5100 190   xx

Cards have been looking for a dynamic gamebreaker in the return game (& are reluctant to risk injury by letting Patrick Peterson return punts) so why not take a long hard look at this dynamic scatback?

Exciting KR talent who can change the momentum of a game....Sleek athlete with excellent short area burst and the finishing speed to hit home runs in all three phases...a flex player on the roster who can compete for duties as a kick returner and third down back. Lacks size but his play speed should not be discounted.Contain-buster with a nitrous gear...Accesses top gear quickly when bursting downhill and can make defenses feel it if untouched into second level. Has rhythmic feet to make directional changes without much change in his pace. Decent lateral quickness

Some toughness...Willing to drop his shoulder and challenge CB's and safeties...Offers third down value. Can sort through defensive fronts and find his protection responsibility. Can split out or match-up linebackers on wheel routes. Only one drop vs. 66 catches over last three years. Hits his top speed early and looks to get it downhill quickly.

Just a change-of-pace running back who lacks desired size to play through contact. Won't be able to create additional yardage with lower body power. Vision and feel iust average inside. Will choose the wrong path and dash into traffic. Needs a clearly defined running lane to unleash him. Needs better vision to find cutback lanes. Fumble rate (once every 37 carries) is a concern.Comp: Akeem Hunt. - Zierlein

Impact kick returner - finished fourth all-time in Chapel Hill with 4,926 all-purpose yards. Lacks ideal build for the position andmust improve his run tempo and patience, but his dynamic athleticism shows on edge runs and screens, using his hyper-athletic lower body, decisive cuts and top-end speed to pick up chunk yards. Has draftable talent and can return kickoffs in the NFL while fighting for a complimentary role in the backfield.

Electric feet to read, cut and go, making the first wave miss. Accelerates in a flash with the secondary burst and speed to finish. Creates his own yardage and moves through traffic like a crazed cabby. Has the vision to set up his moves and hit the hole with continued momentum. Decisive runner, lowering his pads and finishing forward. Drives his legs to slip tackles and pick up a few extra yards. Effective pass-catcher with quick hands to snatch away from his body. Impact potential as a kickoff returner with his combination of speed and feel for openings

Lacks an ideal body build with a frame that won't carry 200 pounds. Spotty patience between the tackles and makes too much contact with blockers inside. Always moves at full speed and needs to better shift between gears. Tends to run angled, not squared. Marginal run power and can be grounded by single defenders. Needs to improve his grip on the ball - Brugler

Forty: 4.37...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 5...VJ: 33.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 29.0...Hnd: 8.5

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