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2017 Draft
7 Round Cardinal Mock Draft
Board of 231 ranked players based on CBS's updated player rankings. This page is a work in progress and updated frequently.

1 (#13). Peppers, S Mich, QB Clemson (Watson, QB Clemson, Reddick LB Ala, C Davis WR W Mich)

2 (#45). Kizer QB Notre Dame, (Tankersly CB, A Jackson CB, McMillan ILB)

3 (#77). Smith-Schuster USC, (Garcia OT, Henderson WR, Garcia OT, J Lewis CB)

4 (#119). Kpassagnon DL Villanova, (Glagsow DT, (C Phillips OLB, D Hall, DE)

5 (#157). Smoot Edge, Ill (Tu'ikavalatu DT, D Hall Edge, Switzer WR)

5 (#179). Cutrer CB Middle Tenn (Toth C, Geddion ILB, Lee OLB)

6 (#197). Jerome, CB, St. Francis (Jerome S, Dobbs QB, T'ukolamatu DL, Gonzalez K)

7 (#231). Boulware ILB Clemson (Guillermo C, Cox DE, Nickerson ILB)

Scoping out what the Cardinals might do (within the context of what the other 31 teams might do) is like"trying to hit a moving dartboard blindfolded.

Within the context of drafting according to BPA (Best Player Available) the Cards do have have several needs they hope to fill: A QB of the Future, a big physical WR, Right Guard, a replacement for Calais Campbell on the DL, youthful depth at ILB, a #2 corner oppositie Patric Peterson and some depth at safety to fill the void created by Tony Jefferson and DJ Swearinger who left for free agency. That said - my guess is that SK and BA will stick with their board with the expectation that "best athlete" will coincide with "position-need."

I used CBS's updated player rankings to set my 231 player Board (which will be updated soon to reflect this). For each Cardinal pick, I then identified a small number of available prospects and, discuss our needs, options etc. to make a wild-assed guess for each pick. Fasten your seat belt:

13. Available: Reddick, Peppers, C Davis, Ramczyk, D Watson)
I originally had us a QB (D Watson) but feel that any at #13 represents a "reach." But if the right QB is available here, Steve Keim and Bruce Arians will grab him. Problem is: we don't know which.

Card management, coaches and fans area said to be also high on ILB Reuben Foster but this mock has Foster of our board when we pick. Peppers intrigues me, because BA and Bettcher have put a hybrid defense on the field with a 3rd (multi-skilled) safety (Mathieu) and a $LB who fills a hybrid S and LB role (Bucannon). A big concern of mine is that either Tyrann or Bucc gets injured, we have no one to replace them which, in turn, blows up our defense. Peppers would be ideal to back up either hybrid defender. (Gollin's Wild-assed Guess): Peppers (if we don't take Watson). We could trade down for more picks or then package a couple of picks to move back up to get our targeted player (probably a QB) at a better value point.

45. Available: Kizer QB, Feeney G, Tankersly CB, A Jackson CB
If Kizer were to actually drop this far, BA would have a hard time overlooking him. Otherwise - we do need a corner opposite PP21 and there remains a fairly gaping hole at RG,- Feeney figures to be high on the Cardinal BPA Board. Gollin's Wild-assed Guess : Kizer, QB Notre Dame

77. Available: Smith-Schuster WR, Henderson WR, Webb QB, Garcia OT, Lewis CB
If Cards didn't take Kizer a round earlier, they'd be delighted if Webb dropped here. Cards still looking for a big possession type wideout to replace Michael Floyd...Garcia would help bolster an OL which is in constant need for better talent. The longer the Cards don't draft a CB, the more pressure will be put on them to draft one ASAP. Gollin's Wild-assed: Smith-Schuster, WR USC.

119. Available: Kpassagnon EDGE, Glagsow DT, D Hall, DE, C Phillips LB
Another specializes cog on the Cardinal defense last year was Calais Campbell. Cards may struggle without his 6-7 presence. Kpassagnon is a 6-7 small-school talent who'd fill that hole nicely. Glagsow, Hall and Phillips are BPA projections. Gollin's Wild-assed: Kpassagnon EDGE, Edge Villanova

157. Available: Vanderdoes DT, Smoot EDGE, Switzer WR, Connor RB, J Jones DT
Vanderdoes is a mammoth DT. Smoot is productive off the outside Switzer is a Sproles-type waterbug. Gollin's Wild-assed Guess: Smoot EDGE Illinois, USC

179. Available: Cutrer CB, Geddion ILB, Toth C, Lee OLB, J Smith TE
Good time to either (a) roll the dice on a raw youngster or (b) fill in a roster hole. We could use more depth at center. We're still willing to roll the dice on a raw corner with a tremendous upside. Cutrer's main raps are that he's (a) raw and (b) has a slender frame (but he's supposed to have an aggressive demeanor and off the charts ball skills. Gollin's Wild-assed Guess: Cutrer, CB Middle Tennessee

197. Avaialble: Tu'ikolovatu NT, Gonzalez K, Dobbs QB, Jerome S,
(Spot in the draft where you suddenly discover that there seem to be more quality players here than there were a round or two earlier) Dobbs falls here. Jerome is still available. If we haven't yet drafted a QB, I think we'd be delighted to draft Dobbs here. Otherwise, Jerome would be a good value who also fills a need.. Gollin's Wild-assed Guess: Jerome CB , Saint Francis

231. Available: Cox DE, Guillermo C, Bullough LB, Boulware ILB, Nickerson ILB
Good spot for undrafted effort guys. I'd rather roll my dice at #231 on a smart, hard working motivated lunch pail guy who'll have to prove he has the physical chops than I would an athlete with a checkered past. Gollin's Wild-assed Guess: Boulware ILB Clemson

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