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Outside Linebackers
2 as SS Jabrill Peppers 8 Michigan rSo 6000 205 1

(SI (Has hard time finding a position for Peppers but rates him highly) - Where do you play Peppers? How about: Anywhere. O.K., he’s not going to line up along the D-line, but the worries about finding an exact position fit for him are overblown—he’s an out-of-this-world athlete that can be a matchup buster for a defense.

(PFW - as a safety) - Jack of all trades (CB, S, LB, RB, WR, KR)...Great athlete with speed, body control and explosiveness...Playmaker...Very instinctive...Only one career interception...Lacks LB size..."We don't see players like this very often...Explosive enough to play corner but will probably either be a SS or $LB...Possible Top 5 pick/probable Top 10.... - PFW

One of the true stars of the 2017 draft class and one of the most instinctive players in the US...Natural playmaker...Earned snaps at 15 different positions but may project best as a safety...... The decision to move him closer to the LOS was seen by some as an indication of weakness in coverage, but may have had more to do with strength of the Mich secondary and lack of speed at LB....compact, muscular frame and easy athleticism/one of the most instinctive players in the country, with terrific awareness and closing speed ... accelerates quickly, with quick-twitch burst...easily changes directions, with loose hips, greasy knees and flexible ankles. Agility and acceleration help him stay in the hip pocket of receivers ...Despite lack of ideal size to line up near the LOS, he's a highly competitive and surprisingly physical defender, unselfishly taking on blockers...Will occasionally come in too hot and leave himself off-balanced, but is a very reliable open-field tackler, with impressive closing speed and pop... Wraps securely and does not back down from bigger ballcarriers...A natural with the ball in his hands, with excellent vision, patience, elusiveness and acceleration as a returner. Will be viewed by some as a tweener...surprisingly strong but often reliant upon avoiding blocks rather than taking on them on....Lacks ideal length...Hyper-aggressive in pursuit, attacking the ball with such fervor that he leaves cutback lanes open....Comp: Troy Polamalu. - NFLDS (Rang)

Tweener frame and lacks the size potential to stay at defensive end in the NFL. Lacks ideal arm length to efficiently engage, stack and shed in the trenches. Doesn't have the anchor or upper body power to control the point of attack, allowing blockers to engulf and move him from lanes. Doesn't consistent convert his speed to power as a rusher. Room to improve his finishing skills as a tackler, slipping off his target at times. Needs to transition to an off-ball linebacker position, lacking experience in that role. Wild footwork in reverse when asked to drop and cover backs or tight ends. Suspended from the Temple football program for three months (along with Dion Dawkins) following his connection with an off-campus fight (Jan. 2015) - put on probation after felony aggravated assault charges were later dropped.

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: 128...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

8 as EDG Tim Williams 67 Alabama Sr 6030 244 1

(SI - LIsted as Edge Rusher) - Has the look of aTop 15 pick - SI

Outstanding athlete with speed, COD, burst, flexibility and body control...Tall and lean...Used mainly as a pass rusher...not much experience in field red-flag...Explosive...long arms...Outstanding edge rusher...Scout Says: "Tim Williams had some character concerns early on. If he stays the course, he could become a perennial Pro Bowler." - PFW

Pass rush specialist....Off-field issues and inabiity to be a 3-down LB mar his status...Lacks 1st round production...Hallmark is pure explosion...excellent leg drive...Lacks the stats normally associated with early draft picks...Gives up over 50 pounds to virtually every offensive linemen he faces)..., Relies on his initial burst off the ball. Uses quick twitch and snap anticipation to easily cross the face of would-be blockers. Not just quick, but flexible, dipping under the reach of tackles, turn the corner and close quickly. Also surprisingly powerful, generating good push with a bull rush/ keeps his pad level down and has excellent leg drive (squats 555 pounds). Has developed into a professional pass rusher, incorporating active, powerful hands and a deadly spin move back inside to complement his speed rush.
.... Was part of a heavy rotation and had limited snaps against the run. Must do a better job of holding up at experience dropping into coverage. Comes with significant off-field concerns (gun - receipt but no permit and marijuana). ...Comp: Bruce Irvin- NFLDS

Mitch #3

Forty: 4.68....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: 33.5....BJ: 124...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

10+ Marquis Haynes 34 Ole Miss Jr 6020 222 1

SI (Listed as #11 - 15 Edge Rusher) -

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

3 as LB Jarrad Davis 35 Florida Sr 6010 238 1-2

SI (Lists as #4 LB) - Excellent in space, critical for NFL linebackers.

Very productive and instinctive...Will probably play faster than his time due to instinctiveness...Adequate size for position (but could be bigger and stronger)...Strong player with good hand-use....Will miss some tackles when he fails to wrap....Position-versatile (MIKE or WILL or inside in a 3-4)... - PFW

High risk/reward proposition - Oft' injured/highly instinctive, athletic and passionate LB...Undersized...played better in 2015 than in 2016....high football intelligence, diagnosing skills etc...naturally low COG...Energizer Bunny motor....Alert in coverage...impressive closing speed...but size and durabilty are concerns...Benefitted from "rover" role in FLorida defensive scheme...Can make the "wow" play but at the risk of overcommittin on tackles in space.- NFLDS

Fast, physical and instinctive - a play-maker who has a real presence on the field. A strong inside presence who made some clutch tackles for Florida...ann unsung hero of one of the best defenses in the nation and a beast in the SEC Championship....Played well in 2016 , but didn't generate as much of an impact as he did in 2015....above-average instincts, but inconsistent taking on blocks. Some teams say they've given Davis a 2nd-round grade. Missed three games with leg injuries during 2016. In the ground game, Davis is all over the field ...phenomenal at quickly reading the play and darting into the backfield to blow the play up. Not only does he explode into the backfield, he flies to the sideline, and throws his body around at the LOS. For the most part, Davis is a good tackler and can hit with authority....can be a little overaggressive and over pursue, but generally gets the ball-carrier on the ground. Very physical when hitting backs, quarterbacks, receivers and offensive linemen. Skilled in the passing game and a dangerous blitzer. In the short to intermediate zone, he does well picking up receivers and shows some ball skills....experience could make him even better now...needs to improve his ability to get off blocks and his pass-coverage skills. - WalterFB

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

6 as EDG Takkarist McKinley 46 UCLA Sr 6020 250 1-2

.Write ups check all the boxes. Should definitely be on our Top 45 radar screen - Gollin

Very strong and explosive...Great motor...Really improved from 2015 to 2016...Strong at POA/never gives ground...Quick to find ball...disruptive run stopper/explosive pass rusher...very good tackler and relentless in pursuit...Never saw him in pass coverage...Raw - will need to polish techniques...Best FB days are ahead of him - should be great on secial teams..."Really like this player's tape"...Scout Says: "If everyone played the game with the intensity that Takkarist McKinley does, it would be easy to scout players."..... - PFW

Twitched-up athlete with the burst to blow past OT's as a speed rusher, as well as long arms to keep blockers off him. Terrific balance and bend to dip and scrape the corner. Fluid COD - projects nicely as an edge rusher, spy on the quarterback or drop into coverage. Anticipates cut blocks and pulling guards,with excellent body control to spin free from contact...Good vision and motor, often running 15+ yards downfield to get in on tackles. Active hands, incorporating swim and rip moves...good hand-eye coordination, explosiveness and timing to knock down passes at the LOS. May just be scratching the surface of hispotential...stronger than he looks /but lacks the bulk and power to hold up as a full-time DE. Lacks the frame to add much weight,...Limited leg drive as a bull rusher / can get tied up by tight ends and FBs.... Allows pad level to rise as he tires and gets too far over his skis...Runners are too often able to break through his arm tackles. Has the burst, bend, long arms, motor and experience rushing out of two-point (standing) and three-point (hand in the dirt) stances to be drafted high and make an immediate impact off the edge...More agile than powerful, /could prove a liability against the run..needs more uppper body strength....Plays high when he tires...Comp: Whitney Mercilus, - NFLDS

A pass-rushing specialist who really blossomed during 2016. Racked up 61 tackles with 18 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 6 passes batted this season - a big improvement over his 2015 production. Was a backup prior to that,...body type would fit best as a 3-4 OLB - WalterFB

Forty: 4.59....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP:24 ...VJ: 33.0...BJ: 122...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

2 as LB Haason Reddick 13 Temple rSr 6010 237 2

"Temple Tough." - Gollin

Intense, very physical plaer...Very good athlete (speed and explosiveness are his calling cards)...Strong/big hitter...can drop into coverage...has played up and down...Lacks ideal size to play outside...Needs to bulk up...Mainly a DE for the Owls and will have to make the conversion to LB...Cover skills make guys like him valuable commodities...figures to be a terror on ST's... - PFW

4-year walk-on who developed into a hybrid pass rusher and lived in the opponent's backfield as a senior with a 22.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks. .Finely tuned with coordinated movement skills. Masterfully controls his throttle in space ..Flexible - can drop his pads and turn the corner around edge blockers. Good initial burst...Best trait is his secondary quickness working off contact. Very good pursuit speed and motor. Good backfield vision to track the ball, avoid blockers and locate the ballcarrier. Alert to see plays develop, trusting his reads and not getting fooled by much. Well-developed muscle tone /worked hard to max out his body - added 50+ pounds of good weight since enrolling at Temple. Blossoming leadership skills ... Tweener frame / lacks the size for DE. Lacks ideal arm length and the anchor or upper body power to control the POA. Doesn't always convert his speed to power...Room to improve finishing skills as a tackler,...... Wild reverse footwork when asked to cover. Suspended following his connection with an off-campus fight. A balanced, loose athlete with the instincts and upside to play ILB or OLB. Projects as a first round pick.- NFLDS (Brugler)

Earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl with a strong 2016 season. Desn't have the size to be an every-down edge rusher in the NFL, so he will have to move to a more traditional outside linebacker position that blitzes off the edge at times... -WalterFB

Senior Bowl (as ILB) - "...had a strong showing this lined-up in different places and showed the versatility and ability needed to play linebacker at the NFL level. On Thursday, he broke up one pass in coverage and showed an ability to recognize screen passes very quickly, putting himself in position to ruin the play....also able to defeat run blocks with frequency. During the season, Reddick’s 13.7 pass-rushing productivity rating ranked 18th among 3-4 outside linebackers." - PFF

Forty: 4.52....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: 24...VJ: 36.5...BJ: 133...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

12 as EDG Ryan Anderson 91 Alabama rSr 6020 253 2

(Hustle guy - Gollin

Very instinctive/quick to locate ball/good ball skills...Strong pass rusher off the edge (both power and agility)...Good but not great long speed for position...Aggressive/Competitive - consistent vs. pass & run...Very good in pursuit... - PFW

His game is based more on effort than on ability..."Plays pissed off." Coaches appreciate his "persistant hustle, toughness and killer instinct."...Plays with naturally low pad evel...Natural ball skills/forced fumblesTweener frame...not twitchy....overwhelmed by double-teams...Will sacrifice technique in favor of aggression at times...Multiple incidents" off the field need iinvestigating.....- NFLDS

Has versatile size and upside ...should take on a bigger role with Reggie Ragland in the NFL Had impressive games with excellent pass-rushing contributions against USC, Ole Miss and many other opponents....came on strong to close out the 2015 season/ totaled 37 tackles with 11.5 for a loss, 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. -WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.78....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

11+ Steven Taylor 121+ Houston rSr 6010 225 2-3

(18 sacks in past 2 years...Marginal size for an NFL LB...Stats look good but don't show up on tape - reason may be that he makes most of his plays downfield and not at the LOS...Lacks anticipation...Since pass rushers in demand, he might catch on as a specialist (Writer did not express much enthusiasm for Taylor)... - PFW

Taylor is a fast defender who is a dangerous blitzer. He needs to get stronger for the NFL though - WalterFB

Forty: DNR....VJ: ...BJ: ...3C: ...SS: ...

9 Vince Biegel 109 Wisconsin rSr 6030 246 3

SI (Lists as #8 LB) - Biegel’s the writer's sleeper (much like ex-Badger and current Cleveland linebacker Joe Schobert was last year). He can bring pressure on the outside or slide inside and cover ground there.

Tough and aggressive...goes all out on every play...good reactions/instincts...but not explosive or very quick-twitch..."A smart, instinctive player who won't hurt you."...But lacks any special athletic traits...Wisc LB's, of late, are generally highly regarded by the pros...Soid Day 3 pick... - PFW

"One trick pony" (excels at being a disruptive backfield force)...Intense/ plays with passion...Very good athlete with good instincts...only marginal cover skills...can get overwhelmed by quicker, more athletic linemen. - NFLDS

Payed well for the Badgers....solid defender for Wisconsin in 2015. He had 66 tackles with 14 tackles for a loss and 8 sacks. Biegel contributed nicely after Joe Schobert had a huge start to the season. -WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.67....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: 21...VJ: 33.5...BJ: 118...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

.11+ Davin Bellamy 121+ Georgia Sr 6040 242 3-4


Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

10 Jalen Reeves-Maybin 117 Tennessee Sr 6000 230 4

Short length might rule him out as every down OLB and limit him to passing situations. - Gollin

SI (Ranks #7 LB) - WalterFB - Has shown good instincts and the speed to run sideline-to-sideline. A shoulder injury ended Reeves-Maybin's season in September. In 2015, Reeves-Maybin had 105 tackles with 6 sacks, 14 tackles for a loss, 2 forced fumbles and 4 passes batted.

With pass-catchers coming in all shapes and sizes in today's passing-based game, DCs have been left with little choice but to find and develop versatile "erasers" comfortable near the line of scrimmage or dropping into coverage.
Arizona's Deone Bucannon, Carolina's Shaq Thompson and Washington's Su'a Cravens are most recent examples of this trend
. ...Highly productive WLB...Missed most of 2016 (shoulder surgery) ...Flies all over the field with outstanding range and aggressive instincts but strugges near the LOS....Clean player with professional work-ethic. Emotional leader.....Terrific diagnosis skills - especially keen at blowing up screen passes. Excellent spatial awareness and body control, Light feet and flexible joints, helping him change directions fluidly...accelerates quickly, allowing him to catch many ballcarriers from behind. Was slotted at nickel CB..(previous experience at S shows his comfort with his back to the ball). Savvy blitzer, with good timing, burst and active hands. May lack ideal stopping power due to size but is a scrappy, generally reliable open-field tackler. Would fit in well as a traditional "chase" 4-3 WLB and some 3-4 proponents could see him as a possible coverage inside 'backer. Surprisingly effective in slipping past would be blockers but his marginal arm length and ballast show up when OL's are able to latch on. Often takes out the legs of ballcarriers rather than driving them to the ground. Can get out of control as a tackler,...Aggression can get the better of him...Has shown only average ballskills...Must show more composure ((ejections, PF's).

Has shown good instincts and the speed to run sideline to sideline A shoulder injury ended his season in September. broke out during the 2015 regular seasonwith impressive games against Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama. - WalterFB

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

10+ Derek Rivers xx Youngstown St xx 6040 250 x

Plays hard...Very good pass rusher for his level of competition...Marginal size for Edge...Sure tackler...Arms kind of short...can get velcro'd to blocks...Lacks strength, size and power...Has upside but will take some time to transition to a higher-level of play... - PFW

Has outstanding natural burst and arc quickness to attack the corner..Flexible athlete with natural bend...Alert run defender/keeps contain...slightly undersized...needs an extra half-second to reset his eyes vs. the run...Should add to his arsenal of pass rush moves to keep blockers guessing. - NFLDS

...Senior Bowl -

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: 123...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

6 Carroll Phillips xx Illinois xx 6030 242 x

Senior Bowl - (Day 3) "...had success in different aspects on the field...showing his ability to cover tight ends as well as making tackles in the run game. As a pass-rusher, he has been effective off the edge, showing a good burst at the snap and the ability to win outside, and that he can redirect in his rush if his initial move is to best running backs in the “back-on-backer” pass-rush drills...During the season, Phillips was able to collect sacks from both sides of the LOS and his pass-rushing productivity rating of 11.6 ranked 23rd among Power-5 4-3 defensive ends." - PFF

Playmaker (56 tackles, 20 TFL and 9 sacks in 2015)...Top competitor...good tackler...can play on balls of feet...Explosive off edge...Instinctive...Lacks size and bulk...short arms...Best fit is as a 4-3 SAM... - PFW

Showed off his signature spin move at Senior Bowl practices...bases his game on speed and exceptional burst...plays with a high level of energy and never tires..Lacks ideal height and weight and can get knocked off the ball...Areas for improvement: More strength & better pass recognition..... - NFLDS

First-round talent, but he could fall to Day 2 because of some serious off-the-field issues. (Some teams that liked him now say they wouldn't take him until Day 2). In 2016, he recorded 56 tackles with 20 tackles for a loss, nine sacks and one forced fumble...a sleeper prospect who some NFL teams love and others are lukewarm...teams that love him say he is super athletic and twitchy. Can struggle on run downs, but is a gifted, natural pass-rushing talent. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.64....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: 23...VJ: 30.0...BJ: 123...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

8 Eligwe Marcus xx Georgia Southern xx 6020 239 x

Senior Bowl

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...-

10+ Tyus Bowser xx Houston xx 6030 244 x

Smaller edge-guy or does he play inside?...A lot of things going for him - size, strength, athleticism...... - PFW,

Senior Bowl -

Forty: ....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: 127..SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...

7 as EDG TJ Watt 52 Wisconsin xx 6040 254 x

Not on some radar screens to start the year...Makes you wonder how much attention is rub-off from his big brother and how much is pure-TJ... (Who wouldn't want a guy on your roster with an even or better chance of being as good as his Pro Bowl brother)?...Like the 4.69. - Gollin

Late bloomer with a lot of upside...Tough, physical "all-out" player...Good athlete...can bend or change direction...Very good pass rusher...Excellent effort in pursuit...Top burst out of blocks....Scout Says: "No doubt TJ Watt is a good player, but he will get overdrafted because some club will think they are drafting his older brother.".. - PFW

Determination, work-habits and competitveness his hallmark....JJ's brother...Switched to defense in 2015 and racked up 11.5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for a loss in 2016 as a standup backer...Aggression is a double-edged sword (but no guts no glory)...Field aware/field fast....Meticulous worker and "football lifer"....Tweener size...rigid COD skills...Durability (knees)...Comp: Clay Matthews - NFLDS

Had a strong debut to open the 2016 season with an impressive game against LSU. That set the tone for an excellent junior year, and Watt decided to skip his senior campaign...a good edge rusher and also very tough at setting the edge in the ground game. Perfect fit as a 3-4 OLB in the NFL. He is the younger brother of J.J. Watt and Derek Watt. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.69....Twenty:....Ten: ....BP: 21...VJ: 37.0...BJ: 128...SS: ...LS: ...3C::....WU: ...


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