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3 Mitch Trubisky 29 North Carolina rJr 6021 222 1

SI (Rates #4) - Trubisky is such a mixed bag: While the ceiling is unquestionably high, how long will it take his NFL coaching staff to rid him of the wild variations in his footwork? Can it be done?

"High risk/high reward"...Ideal size...Very strong arm...quick delivery...good athletic abiity...quick feet/good COD...Can make all the trhos.Will force some throws...hasn't played under center...Tremendous upside...Raw talent (more a development pick)...Scouts Say: "(Trubisky) has a lot of talent but being a one-year starter is scary. Not many have succeeded with only one-year starting experience.") can start for many teams right away. Not many have his traits." "Has a lot of talent, but being a one year starter is scary..."... - PFW

...Outstanding mobility for his size /doesn't receive enough credit for his ability to move the pocket and buy extra half-seconds. While he lacks elite arm strength, he can easily make all the necessary throws with proper placement and timing, not forcing passes. Doesn't have many glaring weaknesses, but his inexperience reading defenses post-snap will show up at times. He has the physical characteristics and mental alertness to develop into a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. Comp: Andy Dalton...- NFLDS

Accurate passer with the frame, mobility and arm strength to develop into an effective starter. ...Didn't crack the starting lineup until 2016 (inexperienced quarterbacks tend to struggle with their transition to the NFL). 28:4 touchdown-to-interception ratio and 68.9 completion percentage are impressive - ESPN

Hopes were high entering the year, and he has not disappointed. Has been virtually flawless this year with the accuracy and arm strength to thrive in the pros...sneaky athletic for a man his size. Might jump at the chance to compete in a weak quarterback class & come out early. - PFF

Has more of a second-round-caliber skill set (but teams have had second-day grades on many quarterbacks who ended up going in Top 32)... Did receive a first-round estimation from the NFL Draft Advisory Board). ..Very efficient in 2016, with good decision-making and accuracy. Beat up on some weak secondaries, but had three straight 400 yd games without throwing a single interception. - WalterFB -

Mitchell #1.

Forty: 4.67...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 27.5...BJ: ...20S:4.25...60S: 6.87 ...3C:...Arm: 32...Hnd: 9.5...

Deshaun Watson
12 Clemson Jr 6024 221 1

SI (Ranks #1) - Watson is, and will continue to be, a divisive QB prospect—he’s a unanimous early-round prospect, but is he a No. 1 overall-caliber weapon? He holds a slight edge here because of his dual-threat prowess, as well as what he’s shown in key moments on a big stage.

"Could turnout to be a bigger Russell Wilson type"...Needs time to learn...Exremely athletic with quick feet, speed and body control...accurate/good ball placement/gets ball out of hand quickly...Can throw on the run...very competitive - a winner and a good leader...May lack ideal size (if pre-Combine measurements need revising)...Had a slow start in 2016 and slipped in the ratings...Scouts say: "People keep trying to compare him to RGII, it's not even close. Watson played in a more sophisticated offense..."- PFW

Remarkable athleticism jumps out on film. Has the statistics, dual-threat ability and track record of delivering on the big stage to intrigue but is not the polished passer most associate with early first round picks. Not that polished...accuracy can be sporadic....Comp: Tyrod Taylor - NFLDS

Dynamic playmaker...a pocket passer who with the mobility to stress defenses by extending broken plays. Made strides in 2015 and played his best football down the stretch...Lacks ideal size and will need to adjust to a pro-style system, but has the tools to develop into a good starter (if developed and utilized properly). - ESPN

Inconsistency has plagued his 2016 season, but his big-time throws will ensure infatuation by at least one NFL franchise...Few QBs display the kind of touch and accuracy Watson achieves down the field and in the redzone.His touchdown toss to Mike Williams vs. SC was exemplary. Played his best football down the stretch in 2016, and has an opportunity to repeat that feat this year. - PFF

More mixed bag reviews - Projections range from 1st 3rd round (mainly 3rd/rqrely 1st). The WalterFB writer graded Watson as a third-round pick....This past season, Watson was off with his accuracy, displaying poor ball placement...missed a lot of potential TD's...performance vs. Louisville confirmed this. Didn't dominate/play/not that of a top prospect. Still has room to improve field vision, ball placement, and accuracy. Played better to finish the regular season...a little undersized...played in a college spread... must learn to work under center, manage the huddle & improve footwork...not a running quarterback....Has great intangibles (hard worker, good character and leadership). - WalterFB -

"I've wae

Forty: 4.66...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 32.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.31 ...60S: ...3C: 6.95...Arm: 33.0...Hnd: 9.75

DeShone Kizer
49 Notre Dame rSo 6042 233 1-2

SI (Ranks #2) - Kizer has an inch-plus of height and a good 15 to 20 pounds on Watson, which counts in the pocket, and he also can get out and run when he needs to.

Prototypical size with good athletic ability, speed and quick feet...Has all the tools & can mae any throw...Combines great size, smarts and leadership...Very strong arm...played in NFL offense...Quick delivery..reads the field well...can extend plays with feet...Needs to focus on improving fundamentals... - PFW

...Physically checks all the boxes with his developed physique, impressive arm talent, natural athleticism and flawless football character. However, he is still young in his development with most of his mistakes due to late decisions and careless throws outside of structure. Highly intelligent on and off the field..."Wired right for NFL" - mature work habits and unselfish attitude...Unreliable internal clock (will hold onto ball too long or appear gunshy at times. Film shows inconsistency in his decision-making and execution...ball security a concern...Impressive amidst the chaos that most college prospects struggle with and it isn't tough to see why several NFL teams will consider him early in the first round. Comp: Carson Palmer - NFLDS

Excellent pocket passer. quarterback prospect in this draft with better physical skill set than either Trubisky or Watson...mixed reviews from various league sources...prototypical QB prospect but never seemed to put everything together and win....can throw beautiful touch passes with superb accuracy and ball placement while under fire..field vision is very good...has the arm strength to make all the throws and beat tight coverage....can consistently drop in accurate touch passes downfield and can make plays with his feet..." - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.83..Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 30.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.53...60S: ...3C: 7.40... Arm: 33.1...Hnd: 9.9.

10+ Brad Kaaya 120+ Miami (FL) Jr 6040 214 2

Streaky...Good size, adequate arm strength...Doesn't always throw tight ball (problems with the wind...Gets sacked too often...skill trajectory leveled off instead of steadily improving...Not very mobie/may process quickly enough...Scout says: "I thought aaya would come on and be special. Instead, he regressed.I really lowered my grade."- PFW

Not as poised as Goff under pressure or consistent with his decision-making, which is why he won't be drafted nearly as high, but their strengths as passers match up similarly. At his best as a passer when he makes quick decisions and delivers on-rhythm...Too much indecision from the pocket when under pressure...Needs to clean up balance and footwork...Comp: Jared Goff. - NFLDS

One highly respected general manager said his team had Kaaya as fifth-round pick....feel he lacks mobility, can't throw well while under pressure and doesn't blow them away with his ("otherwise decent")arm. Other teams project him to go in the late third or early fourth-round. Common thread - concerns about Kaaya lacking leadership...takes a lot of sacks, and his eyes don't stay downfield when under pressure....but when Kaaya is given time, he's deadly. Kaaya has displayed a big arm, pocket presence accuracy in tight windows, can throw perfect touch passes, and has field vision to work through his protections. But struggles without a perfect pocket to throw from, which, in turn, puts too much pressure on his offensive line to be flawless. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

2 Davis Webb 26 California Sr 6050 229 3

Very good size...Smart and aware...generally a good decison-maker...Quick release...Poised...good leader on field...But just an average athlete with average accuracy who lacks a "live" arm and cannot drive the ball...Not the type to extend plays...Never completed over 62% of his passes despite being in a high-percentage offense...Intangibles are good but he lacks the physical traits to be a starter...- PFW

Senior Bowl MVP...QBd at Texas Tech and Cal...Spread guy...Mechanics and decision-making need revision by pro coaching...Has live arm and football acumen...Tall, lean, light-footed...spins a pretty football without much effort...Has NFL-caliber arm strength...Make-up and leadershi traits that coaches covet...:Lives in the film room."...beautiful touch in fades and bucket-throws...Inconsistent ball placement...will leave receivers out to dry...In Cal offense, most throws were less than 5-yards...- NFLDS

Some buzz about him...has a good arm, pocket presence and field vision. Can make pretty throws downfield and fit the ball into tight windows. But will have some of the same developmental problems as former Cal QB Jared Goff - working under center, operating a huddle, and developing hisfootwork. Suffers from poor decision-making. Must working through his progressions better (i.e. will pre-determine where he is going and stare down reads). Whould start out as a backup, but he has the physical potential to develop into a starter. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - Senior Bowl - (Day 2) " (like Liufau) struggled with his ball placement during the practice and had too many overthrows to his receivers....Webb is an intriguing prospect who began the year on an absolute tear, but his play and production dropped considerably following a thumb injury mid-season. Webb’s work ethic and passion for the game are highly regarded/a player whom coaches will fall in love with in interviews..." - PFF...

Forty: 4.79...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 33.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.21 ...60S: ...3C: 6.92... Arm: 33.1...Hnd: 9.25

9 Chad Kelly 92 Ole Miss Sr 6020 224 3-4

SI (Ranks #9) - It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Kelly, who has off-field red flags and is working back from a torn ACL. If a team is taking a shot on Day 3, he would have the highest upside.

Cocky..Very good arm strength.makes some outstanding throws...can extend pays with feet..Quick delivery and decision-making...Can dricve ball when he has to...Knee injury...immmaturity and off-field issues ("but not a bad kid")..."A lot to like about him" but injuries and off-field concerns will probably get him underdrafted...Could be taller - PFW

Best highlight reel of any QB in this class...Gunslinger mentality...Past examples of immaturity can't be ignored...Top-shelf arm strength/spins a pretty ball with unforced velocity. Adequate height with a well-built frame. Quick feet...Functional athleticism to extend plays and pick up chunk yards...Impressive anticipation to deliver before receivers are out of their breaks. Experienced throwing the full route tree and making whole field reads. Very confident thrower and not shy about letting it loose. Willing learner /work ethic isn't a concern. But has erratic footwork and weight distribution - relies on arm. Stubborn decision-maker/bad habit of pre-determining his throws, staring down targets and not making the correct post-snap reads. Too willing to force passes into heavy coverage. Hot/cold pocket awareness,...nephew of Jim Kelly - .NFLDS

Torn ACL ended Kelly's 2016 season early, and e won't be able to work out completely prior to the Draft. Team interviews will be critical as he is going to get grilled about his off-the-field antics....In losses to Alabama and Florida State where Ole Miss blew big leads, Kelly had terrible turnovers / bad decisions at crunch time...Kelly's performances during the 2016 season confirm his gun-slinger style of play....has the arm to make any throw, but could be more consistent with field vision, accuracy and decision-making. ..Never displayed the leadership and intangibles to push his team to tough victories. Lacks a killer instinct/gets rattled by pressure; Iboth physical and mental/emotional)...Must also check his ego and clean up his off-the-field issues. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

10+ Cooper Rush 120+ Cent Mich rSr 6030 230 4

Forty: 4.93...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 27.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.47...60S: ...3C: 7.23... Arm: 33.4...Hnd: 9.1

8 CJ Beathard 81 Iowa rSr 6020 219 4-5

Played under center in NFL-style offense..Good arm with quick overhand release...Good arm-strength...A bit shorter than ideal...Will force some throws...not aalways accurate...Doesn't consistently come up big when he has to..May be a better pro than a college player...Good bloodlines - knows what it takes to make it in the pros... - PFW

Never had 300+ passing yards in a single game...Conservative offense and lack of speedy receivers may be reason for lackluster stats. ..Intelligence, toughness and accuracy stand out...Modest physical traits...More crafty than dynamic - NFLDS

Beathard didn't impress at the Senior Bowl. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 31.0...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: Arm: 30.6...Hnd: 9.6

7 Nathan Peterman 62 Pitt rSr 6024 226 5-6

Appears to check all the boxes but lacks any elite traits...I seem to recall a QB from Notre Dame who fit that description (Joe Montana)... - Gollin

Ran an NFL-style system that allows him to audible and change protections...Very quick release...Can avoid pass rushers...can look-off primary target...strong leader..height not quick a delivery as any QB in the draft...If his arm were a wee bit stronger, he'd be considered one of the better QB's in the draft..Scout Says: "He doesn't have the hype some others do, but the kid I like the most in this group is...Peterman.".... - PFW

Couldn't beat out Josh Dobbs at Tennessee...May lack prototypical physical traits but has enough poise toughness, size, arm-strength and mobility to succeed. Ball security and erratic ball-placement need work - NFLDS

Used the Senior Bowl opportunity to turn himself into a third-day prospect...hrew the ball with some accuracy and timing....Peterman could have developmental backup potential. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - "In a so-so week for...quarterbacks, Peterman was the one name mentioned by evaluators from start to finish...capped a solid week of practice with a good showing in the game/completed 16-of-23 passes with three incompletions coming on throwaways or drops....scanned the field, found the open man, and moved the chains while showing just enough arm strength and accuracy to complete passes outside the numbers....Peterman did more than enough to keep his stock moving in the right direction. (Day 2) - "Peterman is coming out of a quirky system at Pitt that had him rolling out on 19.2 percent of his snaps (fourth-highest in the FBS) while mixing in a healthy dose of shovel passes, and that made it difficult to demonstrate ...“NFL throws”... (but) did have the highest percentage of big-time throws among the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl, and he’s shown good accuracy outside the numbers...After one day of action, ...had the highest grade in PFF’s play-by-play grading of the Senior Bowl practices/continued with a strong showing in the second day..." - PFF

Forty: 4.82...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 31.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.31...60S: ...3C: 7.14... Arm: 32.4 ...Hnd: 9.9

4 Patrick Mahomes 38 Texas Tech   6020 225 XX

Could turn out to be special..Very productive...excellent athlete background (Dad played MLB)....Sees the field...good feel for pass rushers...can extend..."Looks heavy"..."all arm" (doesn't set his feet)...Some outstanding traits but still raw...Needs right pro coaching...More likely to go in the second round than in the first. - PFW

Didn't start at quarterback until his junior season in HS... free thrower / looks like he is playing backyard football, relying more on timing and feel rather than mechanics or structure. Above average arm strength with the creative mobility and growth potential for the NFL level, but was groomed in one of the most quarterback-friendly systems in college football and is inexperienced reading defenses, working through progressions and delivering concepts in the huddle. Nowhere near ready for NFL snaps,but is an exciting player to watch compete...boasts the raw traits that are worth developing....Nees work on messy mechanics, footwork and body motion...Lack of bulk on frame raises durability concerns - NFLDS

"A sleeper who could be a steal." Mixed reviews: played in a gimmick college offense that produced a lot of points...Good arm /potential to be a pocket passer. Athletic with functional mobility to buy time and pick up some yards on the ground. Seeking out experienced NFL quarterback coaches to help him prepare...Comp: Derek Carr. - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.80...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 30.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.08...60S: ...3C: 6.88...Arm: 33.25...Hnd: 9.25

10+ Brady Gustafson 120+ Montana XX xx 230 XX

SI (Mention) - Drew the early tag as “2017 Carson Wentz”: Tall, FCS program, high-powered offense.

Mention but no write-up by NFLDS.

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

10+ Sefo Liufau 120+ Colorado XX 6030 232 XX

"Very good college player with some limitations"...Adequate arm strength accuracy and running ability...TD pass production was really down in 2016...May not become anything more than a solid NFL backup but "looks the part."... - PFW

Owns 84 school records..Emotional leader....Flashy but highly inconsistent......"Streaky with only zip code accuracy.""...Suffered various injuries - check out medically...May project to a different roster position. - NFLDS

Liufau played at the Senior Bowl, but didn't impress. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) "...struggled with his ball placement during the practice and had too many overthrows to his receivers." - PFF

Forty: 5.08...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 27.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.45...60S: ...3C: 7.32...Arm: 33.5...Hnd: 10.75

10+ Antonio Pipkin 120+ Tiffin XX 6010 225 XX

Mentioned but not written up by NFLDS.

Productive player at low level of competition...May need 2 years on a PS to develop. - PFW

Pipkin had a major chance to invigorate his draft stock in Mobile, but he didn't impress....A dual-threat quarterback who put up big numbers as a runner and receiver. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) " (like Liufau) struggled with his ball placement during the practice and had too many overthrows to his receivers." - PFF

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

10+ Alek Torgersen 120+ Penn State XX 6-2 230 XX

Dominated the Ivy League...Had good East-West Shrine week...Good arm/trhows tight ball...Could get drafted due to his smarts... - PFW

"Heady, gritty, Ivy League product"... - NFLDS

Had a quality week at the East-West Shrine. Showed that he belonged with the better competition. Lacks a cannon, but he has a decent arm with some accuracy and timing. Could end up being a late-round pick... If he isn't drafted, he should get a shot as a UDFA. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

10+ Gunner Kiels 120+ Cincinnati XX 6040 208 XX

There were big expectations for Kiel in 2015, but it turned into a disappointing season. ..dealt with injuries that cost him two games....has a good arm but must cut down on his interceptions as he can throw them in bunches....played at the East-West Shrine and displayed a pro skill set, but had issues with accuracy, timing and decision-making. WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

10 Jerod Evans 106 Virginia Tech XX 6030 232 XX

"Hit or miss guy."...Physically talented...Great size to go with extremely strong arm and very good athletic abiity...Very good escapability...good accuracy and ball placement...Often throws to his first read...Spread background...not ready to play in the pros..How he interviews and works out will be very important in his evaluation....Scout Says: "I don't know why (Evans) came out. He clearly isn't ready for the NFL... - PFW

Brings undeniable tools including a rocket for an arm" and the build, strength and determined running of a FB"... "Zip code" overall accuracy... To inclined to take off and run when his primary receiver is covered...Takes too many risks on deep balls - NFLDS

Surprise early entry...After only one year as the starter, many thought Evans would return to school.Completed 64 percent of his throws iand ran for 12 touchdowns. Has a good skill set with size and athleticism. Comes from a college system and will need some development for the pros - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.80...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 26.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.41...60S: ...3C: Arm: 33.1...Hnd: 9.4

6 Josh Dobbs 53 Tennessee XX 6030 216 XX

Keep an eye on - Athletic...Very Smart. Lacks consistency mechanically - Gollin

Outstanding athlete with speed, good height, quick feet, excellent athleticism and "great" arm...Throws well on the run...can make all the throws (including a few Big Time throws)...can escape the rush and extend plays..has streaks when he is very innaccurare...Has the talent but needs thr right kind of coaching...if all goes well) he could be a starter by Year 3... - PFW

Despite a sterling prep career, Dobbs was overlooked by some recruiters in large part because of his lanky frame. Inconsistent early in career but came on strong in his final games as a senior...impressive understanding of the offense and where his receivers are, often moving to second and third targets rather than relying on pre-snap reads. Has a calming presence in the huddle & mental toughness. Ball comes out of Dobbs' hand like a rifle shot with a tight spin that makes it easy for pass-catchers to track. ...especially accurate on in-breaking routes (crossers and posts) but also can place the ball low and away from defenders on deep-outs. But is plagued by inconsistent decision-making and erratic ball placement from within the pocket. Slight hitch in his delivery/ doesn't consistently enough step into his throws. (Added more than 25 pounds since arriving on campus)....Production inflated by Tennessee offensive scheme...Ball security a concern - NFLDS -

Dobbs had a decent Senior Bowl on the field and impressed teams in the meeting interviews....Dobbs did not look like an NFL pocket passer last season as he struggled with accuracy and operating out of the pocket...Played his tail off for Tennessee in 2015 though the Volunteers came up short in some tough losses. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) " (like Liufau) struggled with his ball placement during the practice and had too many overthrows to his receivers." - PFF

Forty: 4.64...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 33.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.31...60S: ...3C: 6.75...Arm: 32.6...Hnd: 9.25

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