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The Setup
Cards were coming off their first win (over SF) but might view this Sunday game vs. Vikes as a "sandwich game" before they host Denver this Thursday night.

Fading Cards Lose to Minny 27 - 17

The Bottom Line:
The Cardinals played the Vikings pretty flat-out even for the first two quarters only to once again 'getting caught in quicksand" in the infamous 3rd quarter and then running out of steam to make a comeback in the 4th.

Game Log
The team and the league are having trouble integrating game log information with the new Team and League web pages, so we'll have to skip this for now. (Credit to the Cards for trying but all they gave us were play by play logs for part of the 4th quarter

1st Quarter
  • Dawson - 26 Yd FG Cards 3 - Vikings 0.
  • Murray - 21 yd run Vikings 7 - Cards 3
  • Bailey - 37 yd FG Vikings 10 - Cards 3

2nd Quarter

  • B Baker - 36 yd fumble return Vikings 10 - Cards 10
    Bailey - 48 yd FG Vikings 13 - Cards 10

  • Halfitme Score: Vikings 13 - Cards 10

3rd Quarter

Thielen - 13 yd pass from Cousins Vikings 20 - Cards 10

Cousins - 7 yard run Vikings 27 - Cards 10

  • Third Quarter Score: Vikings 27 - Cards 10
4th Quarter

D Johnson - 1 yd run Vikings 27 - Cards 17

Final Score: Vikings 27 - Cards 17

Notable Game Stats.

  • Total Net Yards - Ari 269........Min 411
    Penalties - Ari 5....Min 9
    T of Poss - Ari 25:45 - Min 34:15

    Passing - Rosen - 21 of 31 for 240 yds, 0 TD's, 1 Int

    Rushing - Johnson - 18 for 55 & 1 TD

    Receiving - Kirk 6 for 77 yds, Seals-Jones 5 for 69, Fitz 5 for 39.

    No defensive game stats avalable from Cardinal web site.

Season Stats

Passing - Rosen - 50 for 90 626 yds 55.6%, 7.0 YPA, 2 TD's...Rating: 75.6

Rushing - D Johnson - 92 for 297, 3.23 PYC, 5 TD

Receiving - KIrk 25 for 311, Fitz 22 for 215

Tackles - Baker 57, Bethea 53, Bynes 51

Interceptions - Boston 3, Peterson and Benwikere - 1 apiece

Bright Spots

  • Playmaking (Pass rushing, strip sacks, fumble recoveries)
  • Each week, we inch closer to respectability
  • We played a very good FB team even-up n for 2 quarters

The Dark Side

  • Can't run the football

    Can't consistently stop the run

    3rd down conversions - offense

    3rd down conversions - defense

  • Johnson lacked appropriaate paranoia and turned over the football running inside.

    To many scoring/field position opportunities squandered

    "3rd quarter blues"

    We need more consistency and "can-do" from Rosen in clutch situations.

Last Word:
Breakdowns in execution appear to have less to do with effort or "jump" and more with poor technique (which translates into poor or inconsistent execution. Just a guess, but - it all comes down to coaches coaching players.

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