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The Setup
Seattle turned in a 2 & 3 record. Cards were winless. A number of trades of highly paid players was said to have set up what can best be termed a "down year" for the Seahawks. Many handicappers rate the Cardinals #32 of the 32 NFL squads. This game marked the debut of rookie QB (& the future of the franchise) Josh Rosen. Some debate in the desert was whether the move from Bradford to Rosen was a move to win or a move to give Rosen the necessary reps that would be good for his development. "Hawks are banged up. Cards are playing dull, boring, sloppy football, but there is some glimmer of hope.

Missed FG Spells D-E-F-E-A-T.

The Bottom Line:
One of the most depressing things you have to deal with operating a fans' website is to explain why your favorite team lost (again)!
. Like teams stuck in the NFL quagmire, the Cardinals found a way to lose - Dawson missed a FG from inside the fifty with under 2:00 to play. Sebastian Jankowski (who missed two FG's earlier) didn't miss his third one - his shot was good from 50 yards out to close out the game. Cards are now 0 & 4 (& firmly mired at #32).

Game Log
Source: Website

1st Quarter
  • Seattle at 15:00

    Cards won the toss and deferred. Seattle would be without their 100 yd RB (Carson). Penny and M Davis would have to take up the slack. After M Davis gashed the Cards for +23 yds on the first two downs, a false start penalty stalled the Seahawks. Punt downed at Card 7.

    Cards at 11:22

    Cards picked up a first down on 2 D Johnson runs, but, on the fifth play of the series, Reed sacked Rosen for minus-9 yds. Lee's punt returned to the seattle 38.

    Seattle at 9;06

    Seattle gained +7. +7. +5, +18. +5 before Davis shot over RT gor a 20-yd TD. (Card defense looked as if they didn't belong on the same field as the "Hawks). Seattle 7 - Cards 0.

    Cards at 6:09

    TB on the KO. On the first play from scrimmage, (Giveaway #1): D Johnson fumbled - Seattle recovered on the AZ 26.

    Seattle at 6:03

    Card defense tightened, Jand Seattle had to settle for a 38 yard FG, but (Gift #1):) Janikowski's FG attempt was wide right.

    Cards at 4:34

    Rosen moved from his 28 to the Seattle 11 in 9 plays (including the reversal of a 27 yd TD catch by C Williams) to end the quarter.

    First Quarter Score: Seattle 7 - Cards 0.

    2nd Quarter
  • Cards Continued

    Cards stalled at the Sea 4 and Dawson was good from 23. Seattle 7 - Cards 3.

  • Seattle at 14:04

    The two teams exchanged three & outs. Lee's punt was returned to the Card 48

    Seattle at 9:25

    'Hawks moved to the Card 21 in 5 plays, but the drive stalled at the Card 34, where Janikowski missed again (this time from 52 - Gift #2).

    Cards at 5:24

    Cards started from their own 42 Cards moved to the Seattle 24 in five plays. A PI flag on the Seahawks moved the Cards to the Seattle one where a D JOhnson run off tackle (after originally ruled short of the TD) was reversed . Cards 10 - Seattle 7.

    Seattle at 1:52

    TB on KO. Seattle moved to the Card 44 in 8 plays before C Jones sacked Wilson on a 4th & 1.

    Cards at 0:30

    Cards made it to FG range (Seattle 32) at 0:03 before Dawson's 50-yarder was wide right. (Giiveaway #2).

    Halfitme Score: Cards 10 - Seattle 7

3rd Quarter

Cardinals at 15:00

Cards started from their 30 and went 3 & out.)

Seattle at 12:45

Seattle moved from their 22 to the Cardinal 21 in 14 plays where Janikowski was good from 40-yds. Cards 10 - Seattle 10

Cards at 4:59

TB on KO. 3 & out.

Seattle at 3:19

Five play TD drive capped by M Davis up the middle for a Seattle TD.. Seattle 17 - Cards 10

Cards at 1:00

Cards moved from their own 24 to their own 29 to end the quarter.

  • Third Quarter Score: Seattle 17 - Cards 10
4th Quarter

Cards (continued)

3 downs and a punt. Fair catch at Seattle 19.
  • Seattle at 14:03
  • They moved to their own 44 before punting.

Cards at 11:38

  • A +30 yd catch and run by D Johnson heled set up a 22-yd TD pass to C Williams. Seattle 17 - Cards 17

Seattle at 8:59

'Hawks started out from his own 22. Seattle had to punt from its own 29. Punt downed at Card 24.

Cardinals at 7:11

Rosen moved Cards in 11 plays to the Seattle 27 where Dawson's 45-yd FG attempt (with 1:55 left to play) was wide-right (Giveaway #3)

Seattle at 1:50

Ball at Seattle 35, Davis for +13 ys. Pass to Lockett for +9 yds. Penny up the middle for +3 yds. Pass to Baldwin for +6 yds. Penny up middle for no gain. Wilson spiked the ball to stop the clock. Janikowski was good from 52-yds with 0:04 left to play.

Final Score: Seattle 20 - Cards 17

Notable Game Stats.

  • Rosen was 15 / 27 for 180 yds, a TD and no interceptions.

    Kirk led Card receivers with 4 catches. Seals-Jones and D Johnson each had a TD grab.

  • D Johnson gained 71 yds on 22 carries.

  • Lee had 42.8 net punting yds (Seattle punter had 42.5)

  • Cards gave up one fumble (Seattle didn't lose a fumble.

Boston led Card tacklers with 11. Beathea was next with 7 (Doesn't say much about our LBs.

Card QB's sacked 1times (Seattle sacked Wilson once)

Seattle beat Cards by +1 in turnovers (Even in interceptions/+1 in fumble recoveries)

Average yards per rushing play: 4.7 (vs 5.3 for Seattle)

Average yards per passing play (6.1 (vs.5.7 for Seattle

Rushing plays: Cards 34/Seattle28.

Passing Plays; Cards 26/Seattle27

Cards were penalized 8 times (Seattle was flagged 5.

Third Down Conversions: Cards: 3/10 for 41%. Seattle: 0/10 for 0%

Time of Possession: Cards: 31:46/Seattle28:14

Bright Spots

  • Rosen played good enough to win
  • Pass blocking was generally good.
  • After a shaky start, the run defense tightened up (albeit nowhere where it needs to be).

The Dark Side

  • Overlooked among all the vitriol over Dawson's failings was that the Cards couldn't stop Seattle from moving from their own 35 to FG range at the Cardinal 34 during the final 1:50 of the game.

    Cards left too many points on the field. When you total up missed FG's, key penalties and dropped passes, you close in on a dozen"giveaway" plays.

    4 dropped gimmes by Cardinal receivers (including uncharacteristically Fitz).

    It's not hard to justify Dawson's misses by pointing out all the FG attempts that he made, but too often, he's cost us games - precious wins.

  • What it all boils down to is the lack of paranoia on the part of each player - "i.e. don't be that guy" (who missed the block, failed to wrap up the tackle, was flagged for roughness etc.) . Cards are finding too many ways to lose.

Last Word:
Cards played well enough to win. Rosen played well enough to win.. Guess what? We didn't win. Leads to the logical question: Are the Cards developing the roverbial "culture of losing?"

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