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KeeSean Johnson WR
KeeSean Johnson
Fresno   6010 201  

Third wideout drafted by Cards. It appears that Coach Kingsbury is reloading a position grouping so essential for his new offense - Gollin

From the Draft Network -
Johnson's skillset screams a high floor. Future role is easy to see on film - a reliable possession receiver who can align anywhere and expose matchups. While his ceiling may be slightly limited, he will produce because of his refined route running and strong hands. While I don’t envision him as being the #1 target for an NFL team,with Johnson as a third option, their passing offense will be cooking."

Route Running – Projects as a technician at the next level due to his route running. There are no wasted movements ...high levels of technical savvy. More of a refined route runner than a nuanced one....not one to create a ton of separation with fakes or double moves...but his refinement does lead to consistent throwing windows. Operated with a full route tree ... has had success on all types of route breaks. Aligning from every receiver position...has experience beating press coverage and finding openings against zone.

Athleticism/Speed – An average athlete by NFL-standards. In some ways, his athleticism matters a bit less than other wide receivers, because of his nearly-flawless technique and strong hands. His agility drills should be passable, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him run a below-average 40-yard dash....Well-built for WR with a filled out frame.

Hands/Ball Skills – Might just have the strongest hands in this draft class. Catches everything. ...Natural ball skills / will pluck the ball out of the air. Can win contested battles and make acrobatic catches. Like many young receivers, Johnson can struggle a bit with contact, but is above average in that regard, as he has impressive body control. Excellent along the boundary.

Ball Carrier – Not a dynamic ball carrier, but passable with the ball in his hands. Excellent job transitioning from receiver to runner and getting vertical. Not much shiftiness and moves in the open field, but will pick up yards moving forward through contact. Fits the mold of a “possession” receiver.

Stalk Blocking – Effort never lacking, as his motor is always running. Translates well to his blocking, as he will cut off DBs and move them off their spot. Approaches with good pace and rarely overruns his mark, matching the movements of the defensive back with lateral movement.

Versatility – Can align at every receiver spot, but may project better to the slot with more reps...Well-rounded route runner, but I wouldn’t quite qualify him as ultra-versatile because of his standard athleticism.

BEST TRAIT – Hands...WORST TRAIT – Ball carrier...RED FLAGS – None

Tremendous ball skills, excellent ball range / an advanced route runner who can create separation - Lindy's

Drafted far below where most people rated him...Ran a 4.60 forty and had a poor outing at the Combine - ESPN Anncrs.

Johnson plays much faster and more fluidly than his combine effort would indicate. He glides in an out of his breaks and is decently efficient after the catch. The Cardinals have added a ton of talent at receiver in this draft. - CBS

Forty: Unk..BP: Unk...VJ: Unk

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