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Byron Murphy
2 Byron Murphy ) CB x+ Washington   6017 185 x

PFW lists him as a somewhat short corner at 5-10. Lindy's and other draft services list him a bit north of 6-0." Tape depicts CB who thrives at close man-coverage.. Should fit in well opposite patrick Peterson. Would also work out well in slot coverage - Gollin

... Murphy is a feisty cover corner with a well-rounded game. He's capable of playing nose to nose in man coverage or sitting back and reading route concepts as a zone defender. With the Washington star also showing solid tackling skills on the perimeter, a late rise up the charts is possible before draft day. - B Brooks - (Rates #2)

Productive but small corner...Very quick, sudden and fast with extremely quick feet, loose hips and smooth turn....But very small frame with no bulk...lacs strength...projects to slot in pros - PFW

Makes big plays in big games...Gave up two years of eligibilty to go pro...Screams Top 20 athlete...Easy accellerator/smooth turn & go transition...Terrific route-awareness....Can break downhill on comebacks and quick outs...Good hands, hand-eye coordination and body control...Tracks well..Playmaker mentaliy...Check out recovery from broken foot...Comp: Denzel Ward... - Lindy's

Quick, fluid and exceptionally instinctive...a ball-hawking corner...experience in the slot but played mostly outside...can simultaneously read routes and the QB...quick and fluid...undersized but packs some pop...long speed is middling...Comp: Marcus Peters...Probably fits best as a boundary corner - Athlon

One of the most premier ballhawks in this class (7 interceptions) - USA Today

I like this move. I think this kid is a feisty kid. He'll stick his head in there and he will tackle. There are some corners in this draft that don't tackle (see Greedy Williams), but this kid is tough. The Cardinals rebounded from a tough first night. Scout Says - Impressive change of direction and mirroring techniques and shows good anticipation on route progressions. Also effective when coming off one route to attack another. Needs to do a better job of disengaging from WR blocks on running plays but an athletic cornerback plays much bigger than his 5-foot-11 frame. Still, could fall out to Day 2 because of size and 4.55 40 time. -- CBS (lists him at 5-11 190)

Forty: 4.55...BP: 14...3C: DNP...VJ: 36.50...BJ:10'0 ...Hand: 9.2...Arm: 31.5...

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