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Quarterback DataBase

Pos Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
2 Dwayne Haskins x Ohio State   6033 231 x

"...Five-star player with the arm talent, IQ and pocket-passing skills to set the NFL world on fire. Despite having only one year of starting experience, the Ohio State standout flashes the maturity to be a QB1 from Day 1. - B Brooks (Rates #1)

Raw but the tools are there...Should be first QB drafted...NFL size and speed, Outstanding numbers (completed 70% of throws)...Very strong arm...Quick overhand delivery...Most inexperienced QB since Trubisky - PFW

Strong-armed pocket passer...Operates out of the shot-gun...One of the most decorated single-season college performances of all time but only a one-year starter...Not much of a running threat...Natural feel for the game...Can make every NFL throw in the book. Comp" Dak Prescott - Lindy's

Fastest riser in college football...Stands alone in this year's QB draft class....Could wind up in the top 5 picks this year...Effective in the quick strike game...Nice job of mapping the field when he's on the move,,,one year starter/downfield accuracy relatively unknown - Athlon

Always had an inner drive to be great...Incredibly strong/drives his passes downfield with conviction...Nails tight window targets...Great touch on underneath throws - USA Today

Forty: 5.04...Hnd: 9 5/8

Kyler Murray
x Oklahoma   5101 207 x

"...An electric playmaker with A-plus arm talent and athleticism. He dazzles as a runner but is at his best delivering darts from the pocket. If teams can get comfortable with his sub-standard physical dimensions (5-foot-10, 195 pounds), they could fall in love with the Russell Wilson-like playmaker from Oklahoma. - B Brooks (Rates #2)

"One of the most difficult evaluations I have ever done"...Boom or bust prospect...Very productive...lots of arm-talent...accurate/can make all the throws...Very fast and athletic...Strong arm with snap in the wrist...Good at finding the open man...Mostly throws to open receivers...Has to get the baseball resolved before the draft or he's not likely to go early...could go in the first round or last till the third. - PFW

Comp: Russell Wilson...Operates primaily out of the shotgun...Successes of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson may have softened League attitudes toward a more mobile playing style...To make a play for Murray, an NFL team will have to be "all-in" (i.e. be willing to invest in a first round pick an then build a different offense around him predicated on an athletic skill-set, moving pocket and plenty of RPO reads...Murray posted video-game lnumbers last season using his smarts, instincts, arm and legs...Size (or lack of it) is obvious - Lindy's

Simply capable of doing things other QB's can't....Has the russell Wilson type of ability of mapping the chaos and making plays late in the down...Obviously capable of making big plays on the run...Concern about his much smaller frame and being 6-inches shorter than a typical QB....A creative offensive architect will will be able to design something for Murray, but at issue will be whether or not he can generate a consistent offense - Athlon

A winner...outstsanding foot quickness and and great compact delivery in the pocket...Zips the ball to his targets / fantastic accracy on deep balls...Only had 5 passes batted down in 2018 - USA Today

Forty: NA...Hand: 9.5

Drew Lock
x Missouri   6036 228 x

"...An ultra-talented passer with a high-level basketball background that's shaped his athleticism and movement skills. He can make every throw in the book to any area of the field, although accuracy has been an issue for him (career completion percentage of 56.9); he needs to learn how to take what's given to him and play as a "manager" to be an elite starter in the league. - B Brooks (Rates 3)

Good size and athleticism...Improved accuracy and ball security in 2018,,,Doesn't always get his lower body into throws...Often throws off back foot..Has among the most arm-talent in this class...most experienced...weak points are correctable with coaching - PFW

Could be the beneficiary of a weak QB class...Mixed bag - Scouts will love his size, athleticism and arm-talent...but they'll be less enamored with his varied arm-angles and back-fooot throws...Can make all the throws...Has howitzer of an arm & nice touch on deep balls but misses too many of the easy ones. Comp: Blake Bortles - Lindy's

The measurables are all there - ball simply explodes out of his hand...But he gets jittery in tight pockets...mechanics are erratic...Has worrisome recortd against elite opponents... Comp: Joe Flacco - Athlon

Ton of experience...Lights out at the Combine...Can move in and out of the pocket and create on the move - USa Today

Forty: 4.69.....Hnd: 9.0.

4 Daniel Jones x Duke   6051 221 x

"...Checks off most of the boxes as a QB1. He's a big, athletic playmaker with a high IQ and nimble feet. Although Jones is not an A-plus arm talent, he spins the ball well and has a feel for connecting the dots as a passer - B Brooks (Rates #4).

Size, arm-strength and patience in pocket among his strong points...Great size, quick deliveryand quick delivery...Only 60% career accuracy...hasn't played from under center...Very smart, aware and instinctive...Strong intangibles...can get hot...but marginal speed/athletiism - PFW

His mechanics and smarts compensate for lack of arm-strength...Tough...Surprise punter five times last season...Seems to lack pocket presence. Give him credit for Holding onto ball for an extra click but this, in turn, resulted in too many sacks and big hits...May need a dink & dunk offensive system...Never quite fulfilled his potential (arm-strength issue may be holding him back)...Comp: Josh McCown - Lindy's

Has all the physical traits... plus-arm strength...Tough...Capable of extending plays and creating late in the down...A weapon on the read-option and deadly in the RPO's...Things get a bit dicey for him if his first read is taken away...A lot of his statistical production came from YAC yards...Comp: Bigger version of Mitchell Trubisky - Athlon

"Has a warrior's heart"...Great size, credible toughness /never gives up on a play...Some scouts see him more as a game-manager...."Someone just has to be unafraid to give him a chance."...USA Today

Forty: 4.81...Hand: 9.75

8 Will Grier   West Virginai   6024 217  

Very powerful but lacks a cannon arm...marginal size...suspended as an undergrad...Instinctive with a quicks delivery and very good accuracy...Lacks a great arm...Leadership ability a plus - PFW

System QB who was highly productive in college...Struggled at the Senior Bowl...Excellent timing & anticipation/throws receivers open...Son of a FB coach...knows how to look-off the safety...Iowa St frustrated him for entire game by unrelenting blitzes resulting in 7 sacks...12 month PED suspension (Seems to be owning the issue and, in turn, impressing NFL teams) - Lindy's

Thanks to Baker Mayfield, the knocks on Grier don't seem so loud...On the small side - measurables limit his ceiling...Struggled both in his pocket presence and mechanics...Comp: "Poor man's Mayfield....Has twitchiness and improvisational ability that new age QB's offenses desire - Athlon

Forty: 4.84....Hnd: 9 3/8

11+ Nick Fitzgerald x Mississippi St   6010 215 x

(Not written up by PFW)

(Not written up by Lindy's)

A playmaker with the ball in his hands...Intriguing set of traits t go with q tough guy mentaiity...effective on read-option plays...good velocity and decent ball-placement...Far too scattershot /will miss badly on intermediate and deep-intermediate throws...Traits are good enough to be worth a development year or two - Athlon

Forty: 4.64....Hnd: 9 3/4

6 Ryan Finley x NC State   6040 213 x

B Brooks rates #5 with no additional comment..

Quick release...on-field leader...Lean frame...quick overhand delivery...turned ball over more in 2018...Made full-field reads (most quickly) - won't be drafted early - PFW

Pure pocket passer with limited mobility...Can throw quickly, accurately and with good decision-making...Can vary pocket movement and throwing platforms...Enough size and arm-strength to play at next level..Draft grade varies all over the League...Known as intellect on the field and in the classroom...Smooth throwing motion...calm within pocket....Lacks a big arm...Tends to lock onto one receiver - Lindy's

Passes the measurables test...Quick compact release...nice job with ball placement....Arm talent is fringy...Best throws occur when he can determine his read before the snap...Has a future - but will it be as a low-level starter or career backup? - Athlon

Had a stretch where he threw 339 consecutive passes without an interception....Gives a team a lot to work for...May not have all the prototypical traits but has enough of them to make you think he might be the right fitof system and coaching - USA Today

Forty: 4.73...Hand: 9.5

7 Jarrett Stidham x Auburn   6023 218 xx

Very strong arm and quick release...Footwork and poor decision making must improve...Played poorly in big games...Has very good physical traits but it takes more than that to make it in the pros - PFW

Sharp week of FB at Senior Bowl...Potential and skill set are comparable to to some of the higher rated QB's...Intelligent, accurate passer with a live arm, poise, leadership, toughness and ability to avoid the rush.....Reads just half the field...Doesn't play under center...Is working on cutting down turnovers...Lack of consistency can be frustrating - at times can make NFL throws look easy, but will also make some head-scratching decisions - Lindy's

Boom or bust prospect...Requisite blend of size, arm-strength and overall athleticism...Can drive the ball deep with accuracy...Auburn offense translates poorly to pro game - Athlon

Forty: 4.81...Hnd: 9 1/8

11+ Trace McSorley x Penn St   6001 202 xx

Tough and competitive...Strong leader but undersized...moves around pocket and escapes the rush....effective throwing on the run...But barely over 6-feet...Ceiling - a good NFL backup - PFW

(Not written up by Lindy's)

Athletic and strong-armed with flair for creating plays late in the down...can get oiutside the pocket and deliver the throw with velocity while on the run....Lack of consistency and scattershot accuracy are key concerns...Ratio of "plays-missed" to "plays made" will likely work against him...Depending on how you look at it - play is either electric or frenetic...Interesting as a roll-of-the-dice backup QB - Athlon

Forty: 4.57...Hand: 9 1/8

10 Clayton Thorson x Northwestern   xx xx xx

Streak thrower who turns the ball over too much...Smart, strong-armed with quick delivery...can make every NFL throw...but inconsistent decision-making (45 career interceptions)...questionable instincts - PFW

"On limited pitch count" this past year due to shoulder rehab & passed up Senior Bowl...50 career starts...Responds well under pressure...Better combo of size, arm-strength and athleticism than predecessors Kafka and Siemian...Decptive scrambler...Tends to lock onto first receiver...Needs to anticipate and see the field better...Deep balls flutter like butterflies - Lindy's

Understands the timing of play designs...will throw receivers open...Arm talent is low-end...Will sometimes break himself down in the pocket before pass rush gets to him...Has enough traits to make a pro roster, but ceiling is limited due to lack of arm strenght - Athlon

Forty: NA...Hnd: NA

5 Tyree Jackson x Buffalo   6070 249  

Rare size and cannon-arm...Very good athlete for size...Streak thrower with inconsistent accuracy...not consistent diagnosing a defense...Not ready for NFL - PFW

Ultimate risk/reward dilemma...Big upside due to size and arm-strength...Earned 3rd nd 4th round credits due to impressive Senior Bowl week (Team MVP)...Can effortlessly sling the ball 70 - 80 yards downfield with just the flick of his wrist...31 college starts...Worked with Jordan Palmer and Terry Shea at Manning Passing Academy....Missed 4 games (knee) in 2017 - Lindy's

Super-sized pocket of the best pure arms in this draft class...Slow mover and slow processor but can subtly move within the pocket, reset his feet and deliver an accurate throw...Misses too many layups...slow to get thru his progressions...Should fit well for a team that relies on a run-based offense and deep play action passes - Athlon

Forty: 4.59....Hand: 10.25

9 Gardner Minshew x Washington St   6007 225  

Intangibles and Air Raid background intrigue me. Not an athletic superstar but he knows Kingsbury's offense (& can help install it in preseason). Might be an appropriate late-draft or UDFA pickup for Cards - Gollin

Average size, speed & arm-strength (Cannot drive the ball)...Not a run threat....Attended (and produced) at three schools...Smart, with good on-field leadership skills...Can become an adequate QB2- PFW

Well-traveled ever since being a walk-on at Troy...Most recently joined Mike Leach at Wash St where he was second in nation in passing yards gained...Senior Bowl team captain - named one of best practice player there...Natural thrower who can improvise and make across-the-body throws......Completed 70.7% of throws (38 TD's) for Wash St...Deft touch and poise, but lacks arm-strength and has scrawny build..Leach-trained QB's haven't fared well in NFL - Lindy's.

Emerged as a star in his lone season in Pullman...Has a little bit of Houdini in his game...Arm strength is fringy...Relative lack of size could limit him...Lacks zip on throws when he can't step into them...Probably a career backup, but his gunslinger/ risk-taking mentality and knack for making plays late in the down could conceivably earn him a starting shot down the line - Athlon

Forty: 4.97...Hand: 10 1/8

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