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2019 Draft
Position Rankers
As of Mar 28, 2019

1 Murray Henderson AJ Brown Hockenson Dillard Benzschgl  
2 Haskins J Hill Harry I Smith Edwards Risner  
3 Lock Jacobs Metcalf Fant McGary Lindstrom  
4 Jones T Williams Harmon C Wilson Ford Braeding  
5 T Jackon Singletary M Brown Gentry J Williams Deiter  
6 Finley Harris Whiteside Oliver Cajuste Johnson  
7 Sidham Weber Campbell Sternberg Taylor Jordan  
8 Grier R Andrson Isabella Nauta Little McGovern  
9 Minshew Montgomery Samiel Knox Hyatt McCoy  
10 Thorson Scarlett Butler Mack Scharping Piersbacher  
11     Hall     Gallard  
12     Hart     Mustipher  
13     Boykin     Samia  
14     Dixon     Herbig  
15     Hardeman     Davis  

Rnk Edge Int Line LB CB S K  
1 Bosa Q Williams D White Baker Rapp      
2 J Allen Oliver Wilson Murphy Adderley      
3 Ferrell Lawrence Bush G Williams D Thompson      
4 Gary Tillery Long Mullen Hooker      
5 Sweat Wilkins V Joseph Orochwarlye Gard Johnson      
6 Burns Mack Edwards M Jackson Abram      
7 D Walker Buggs S Smith Ya-Sin Joe Johnon P  
8 J Jackson Willis Burr-Kervin Dean B Brown      
9 Bryant Simmons Lamar Layne Tell III      
10 Winovich D Jones K Joseph J Love Redwine      
11 Ximines Omenhiu            
12 Z Allen              
13 Ferguson              
14 Braliford              
15 Pratt              
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