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2019 Draft
Round One Buzz
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Pick Team Buzz Proj. Mock
1 Cardinals

Despite a few rumors to the contrary, most late mocks still have Cards taking Murray...4/25 - P Schrager warns: Late buzz having Cards considering Q Willoiams or Bosa is a "smokescreen"...After pegging the (Murray odds) at 90%... Daniel Jeremiah of NFL reduced that figure to just 60% but his final mock still has Murray going to Cards....

Wildassed rumor: According to Pete Prisco: "Cards are not going to draft Murray...Cards floated Murray to gin up ticket sales. Gambit didn't work - Cards now "going in a different direction." If Prisco's report has any merit, the possibility that the Cards try to trade dowm for more picks becomes a llkelihood, with Q Williams, D White, Bosa and Oliver on their short list - Gollin

" Rosen appears to be in a holding pattern. ...Bleacher Report - "Matt Miller writes: 'One AFC executive told me this week the Cardinals have received at least two offers for Rosen but want to 'save face' and get as close to a first-round pick as possible....Beat writer Bob McManaman says that, if Cards can't work out a deal with Oakland (#4) or the Giants (#6) they'll draft Bosa....

..Looks like it's between Murray, Bosa and Q Williams... Other Key Visitors: Henderson, C Ford, Murphy, Abrams...

N'Keal Harry told reporters there was no way he'd fall past Card 2nd pick at #33.

2 Niners Bosa with Q Williams and outside possibility...They're set at QB (with Jimmy G). CW has them drafting Bosa here if they keep the pick (Several NFL teams are said to be interested in trading up up to draft Haskins). Hosting AJ Brown and Samuels.... Bosa
3 Jets Eager to trade down - possibly with Wash...Not crazy about J Allen..,Greg Williams targeting Oliver as his wanted guy...(At #3 or via trade down)?...Said to be eying Josh Allen with this pick...Bosa & Q Williams might be in play if Niners were to draft Allen..Meeting with Jonah Williams...Dillard could also be on radar should Jets trade down... Oliver
4 Raiders1 "Love" Q Williams with Oliver as backup pick...Said not likely to draft a 1st round QB (talk is cheap)....Most intriguing factor here is that they have former NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock and former HC and TV J Gruden calling the draft shots. Gruden said to be "all over Murray"....Haskins also receiving slight mention...We're hearing the names of Montez Sweat and Devin White receiving early mention. Will Gruden and Mayock overspend to make up for jettisoning K Mack and Amari Cooper? Q Williams
5 Tampa Bay Bruce Arians takes the reins,,,Bucs like Devon White...Lions taking hard look at DL (Sweat, Oliver, Lawrence) and to trade Gerald McCoy...Metcalf a nice offensive weapon..Need improvement at safety...Hollywood Brown visited... D White
6 Giants1 Local media hyping Oliver..D White also in play....Zeroing in on a QB here..."Seem unwilling" to trade a 2nd rounder for Rosen...J Williams on radar..."Not in love with" Rosen and will only trade for him if the price is right...Met with AJ Brown, J Allen and Gary...Eli isn't getting any younger, and it's not certain that the Giants will have another shot at a Top 6 franchise QB in the near future. They could do a deal with the Cardinals, but if they don't, Haskins would make the most sense. Q Williams a possibility...Seeing Ferrell and E Oliver... Haskins
7 Jacksonville J Taylor or Sweat could be in play here...Need a QB. Need someone to block for the hunt for Jonah Williams... J Taylor
8 Detroit Sweat a possibility (Unclear whether medical issues would jeopardize his status)...Local beat writer: "Lions not likely to become a stealth QB seeker & trade up...Falcons are talking with Lions about moving up (so they could take Oliver)...Quinn says he likes to wheel and deal for more picks. Intrigued by Tyree Jackson's "traits" *bit maybe in later round)...LJ Collier and Fant dropped by.... Hockenson
9 Bills Brugler - Bills focusing on trenches (notably DE)... Hockenson also an option...High enders visiting: AJ Brown, Metcalf, J Allen, Q Williams...N Davis visiting... J Allen
10 Broncos Haskins impressed in visit...Risner stopped by...3/31 - There had been a somewhat snarky decription of John Elway having a "man-crush" on Lock...That rumor is givig way to reports that Broncs are zeroing in on defenders D White and E Oliver. Lock
11 Cincinnati Most buzz centers around the OL (Dillard, Ford, J Williams, J Taylor)...Met with Polite...Campbell visiting...Hosted C Ford. Campbell in play (bit probably in next round)... J Williams
12 Green Bay Wideout is major need.Setting up meetings with QB's D Jones and LockThey really like Polite (despite character conserns)... M Brown
13 Miami Had serious discussions about J Simmons...Focusing on OL (J Williams at the top of their list)...Spent a lot of time wth QB D Jones...Tyree Jackson mentioned for 2nd or later round. Looking to free agency to add EDG players... Dillard
14 Atlanta Think "Defense."...Intrigued by burner, Hardman...Willing to trade up to get Oliver...Falcons are talking with Lions about movinhg up (so they could insure Oliver was still there)... Working out O-Liners (incl. J Williams and J Taylor)...Happy w WR roster depth but could cut Sanu and draft Hardman to cut costs...Targeting Tytus Howard in 2nd round... Ferrell
15 Washington May be trying to trade up to Jets at #3 (presumably to draft D Jones or Haskins) - Seems like too high a reach)...Murray cancelled interview (Because Cards signed him)?....Said to have solid interest in Rosen....Interest in D Jones or Haskins and could try to trade up to #3. Mentioned as possible Rosen suitor. Meeting with D Jones, Lock, Stidham and Thorson...Hosting AJ Brown...Looking for alternative option to Case Keenum...Hosting Grier and Campbell D Jones
16 Panthers 4/22 - Said to be one of two teams trying to trade up to grab an OT...said to "be infatuated" with Grier..."Really like Bradbury......"Carolina Wren?" - Panthers showing interest in the DL but not in 1st round...Hosting J Taylor...Keep an eye on Savage as a dark horse...Also some interest in Burns and Wren......Could be interested in a QB in 2nd round (Grier?)...C Ford, Rapp visiting...May draft a QB in 2nd round.... Burns
17 Giants2 "Have done their work" on Grier... AJ Brown
18 Minnesota Really like J Williams but don't think he'll be around at #18... Benzshwagel
19 Tennessee Wilkins and Burns at top of their list. If gone, three other options are Tillery, Lawrence and Hockenson...Vrabel and Wilkins have past link...Could take Jacobs this high...Minor buzz has them targeting Lock... Wilkins
20 Pittsburgh Tomlin loves Rock Ya-Sin. (Recent mock had Steelers taking Greedy Williams but Ya-Sin is much more physical...May be battling Carolina to draft Darnell Savage.. Baker in for looksee...May be eying RB Trav Williams in 3rd round... Ya-Sin
21 Seattle1 Harry in for a looksee...Rumors point to the obsure - (i.e. DE LJ Collier, DT Greg Gaines)....LJ Collier dropped by....Harry visiting...."Team most likely to trade down" - King. Hosted MGary and Gary Harry
22 Baltimore Ravens want to draft 2 TE's on first 2 days of draft...Tony Pauline speculates they'd like Arcega-Whiteside and possibly M Brown or Campbell...Lindstrom mentioned...Hosting Jacobs...Hosting Mercalf & M Brown... Lindstrom
23 Houston Won't trade up for OT - Zierlein...4/22 - Said to be one of three teams trying to trade up to get an OT...Dillard at top of list...Interested in a pass rusher (no one specific we're aware of) Tillery
24 Raiders2 Raiders "love Josh Jacobs" - Peter King. Sounds like a trade gambit to scare Philly - Gollin Risner
25 Philadelphia Hosting J Jacobs - battling Colts and Tenn....LJ Collier and Henderson dropped by..... Jacobs
26 Indianapolis J Jacobs on radar, but CW doubts he'll last this late.... Baker
27 Raiders3 Hosted Henderson...Looking at OG's - Risner, McGovern, Lindstrom, Bradbury and McCoy thought to be on radar Bradbury
28 Chargers One of three teams most interested in Rosen...Rivers mentoring Finley... Bush
29 Seattle2 More below-the-radar prospects seem to find their way to the Seahawks than any other team. Rapp
30 Green Bay2 WR not a priority...McGary being interviewed...Meeting with late-1st round QB prospects... Abram
31 Rams Met with Abram, Henderson...Worked out Polite... Polite
32 New England Late mocks have them drafting Lawrence here...One of a three Rosen suiters offering their 2nd round pick....Brought in Daniel Jones but would probably have to trade up to get him...Also met with Grier...McGary being interviewed...Did exstra predraft due diligence on next-echelon QB's Stidham and Thorson Lawrence
58 Dallas DT on radar TBD
61 Kansas City TBD TBD
62 New Orleans TBD TBD
Player Rumors: TBD  


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