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The Setup
Cards fought a good fight in their loss to the. Ravens. Panthers were comingoff a 20 -24 loss to Tampa Bay and forced to start backup QB Kyle Allen in place of Cam Newton

Backup QB / "Cardinal Killers" Shred Cards

The Bottom Line:
This was to be a legitimate test of how good the Cardinals were as a football team. (Answer - not very good). Carolina questions going into this game centered around "Was rookie QB Kyle Allen the real deal and - would Carolina nemises TE Greg Olsen and RB Christian McCaffery return to plague the Cardinals?

Answers: Yes Yes and Yes.

Allen threw for 4 TD's. Olsen caught 6 passes for 75 yards and 2 TD's. MCCaffery gained 153 yards on 24 carries, including a 76-yard TD run.

Cards scored first and led 7-0 at the end of the 1st quarter, but things gradually went south, with Carolina grabbing a 14 -10 halftime lead and expanded it to 28 - 20 at the end of the 3rd quarter before coasting to a 38 - 20 laugher.

Scoring Summary:


Game Log
We've had trouble locating play-by-play logs worth posting here so please bear with us. When we find it, we'll post it here.

1st Quarter

TD Fitz - 1 yd pass from Murray

1st Quarter Score: Cards 7 - Panthers 3

2nd Quarter

  • TD Samuel - 5 yd pass from Allen - Cards 7 - Panthers 7

    FG - Gonzalez 34 yards - Cards 10 - Panthers 7

    TD - Moore - 52 yd pass from Allen - Panthers 14 - Cards 10

    Halftme Score: Panthers 14 - Cards 10

3rd Quarter

TD - D Johnson - 3 yd pass from Murray - Cards 17 - Panthers 14

TD Olsen - 3 yd pass from Allen - Panthers 21 -Cards 17

FG Gonzalez - 47 yds - Panthers 21 - Cards 20

TD - McCaffery -76 yd run - Panthers 28 - Cards 20

    • Third Quarter Score: Panthers 28 - Cards 20
4th Quarter

TD - Olsen - 3 yd pass from Allen - Panthers 35 - Cards 20

FG Slye - 36 yds - Panthers 38 - Cards 20

Final Score: Panthers 38- Cards 20


Notable Game Stats.

  • First Downs: Cards 21 - Panthers 21

    Total Net Yards : Cards 238 - Panthers 413

    Rushes /Yds: Cards 22 for 121- Panthers 31 for173

    Passing: Murray 30 for 43...2 Int...171 yds
    ................Allen 19 for 26...0 Int...261

    Sacked: Cards 3 for minus-20 yds - Panthers 2 for minus 14 yds

    Rushing: Murray 8 carries for 69 yds...D Johnson 11 carries for 37 yds
    ................ McCaffery 24 carries for 153 yds.

    Receiving: Kirk 10 for 59...D Johnson 6 for 28...Fitz - 5 for 36
    ................:..Olsen 6 for 75 & TDSamuel 5 for 53 McCafferyy 3 for 35

    Sacked - Cards - 8
    ................Panthers 2

    Penalties - Cards 7 for 52...Panthers 3 for 35

The "Bright Side"

  • Cards started off fast.

  • Some of the early plays clicked

We were within 8 pts at the 3Q mark

D Johnson showed spark of a couple of years ago

The Dark Side

  • Why put DBs on the field, if they're not going to tackle or cover anyone
  • Overhead view of Cardinal defenders in the 2H made them look like a bunch of guys standing around the corner smoking weed - no bounce. No ready-set-go.. Call them the "Zombie" defense. Looked a lot like our defense during the Wilks era

    There must have been three of four straight snaps where Kyler either (a) lost his footing or (b) had his legs swept from out of him by Panther defenders.

    Between penalties, dropped passes andother disrailments, there wasn't enough momentum to sustain drives. This was increasingly true later in the game.

    We knew Olsen could eat us alive. We knew that McCaffery was a threat. Yet the two guys we left uncovered for most of the game were Olsen and McCaffery. And when they burned us, we didn't adjust to it so they burned us again. And we didn't adjust and they burned us even more. And a big fat etcetera.

    0 & 2 doea not a happy season make.

Last Word:
The degree to which we left guys we knew could beat us....wide open without making necessary adjustmenets tells us everything. we lined up off the ball, we covered loose and then we couldn't catch up to their guys in the open field. Is it the talent? Is it the position coaching?

Whatever it was an embarrassment.

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