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2013 Draft - Position Needs
By Jeff Gollin
Last Updated April 13, 2013

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 2013 Pre-Draft     Clean slate under Arians. He traded for Carson Palmer and signed his protege Stanton. Hoyer only appeared in one game last season and is practically "new." Lindley could stick as the Cardinal QBOF, but the odds are better than even that the Cards will seek another QB through the draft (though probably not with their #7 pick. They could possibly use their #38 pick to draft a QB like G.Smith, Barkley or Manuel (or even trade up into the late 1st round if they really liked one of them. More likely, they'd wait until the 3rd round or even hope to cherry-pick Matt Scott in round 4.
03 Carson Palmer QB 6-5 235 (10) USC (Trade with Oakland
05 Drew Stanton QB 6-3 243Michigan St. - UFA
06 Brian Hoyer QB 6-2 215 27 4 Michigan St. - UFA
14 Ryan Lindley QB 6-4 230 22 San Diego State - Contract Exp: 2015
Running Backs:
 2013 Pre-Draft   The Cards replaced the oft' injured Beanie Wells with the oft' injured Mendenhall. It's hoped that Mendenhall and (the also oft' injured) Ryan Williams will provide the Cardinals with an effective (& healthy) RB tandem. Also gone is scatback LaRod Stephens-Howling who provided the Cards with a decent passing down option. It seemed as if the Cards would replace LSH with waterbug wide-out Josh Cribbs, but Cribbs will have to pass his physical first. Some expect the Cards to add RB speed in the mid-rounds - most frequently mentioned possibility being Christine (& I kind of like Kenyjon Barner). Michael Sherman was valuable as a lead blocker/special teamer, but could be obsolete - Arians is said to favor single-back sets with an H-Back over one with a traditional fullback lined up in the backfield. Expect Powell and Smith (both strong between the tackles) to duke it out for one or two backup positions in training camp.
28 Rashard Mendenhall RB 5-10 225(5) Illinois
34 Ryan Williams RB 5-9 212 Virginia Tech

33 William Powell 5-9 205 RB K-State UDFA
29 Alfonso Smith RB 6-1 208 23 R Kentucky
35 Anthony Sherman FB 5-10 242 UConn
Wide Receivers:
 2013 Pre-Draft      Early Doucet didn't pan out and was released. Fitz's numbers were down through no fault of his own. Roberts figures to be a solid #2 or #3 with the right QB throwing to him. Floyd has terrific upside in a "beast" role., but still has a lot to learn.  Byrd showed promise in limited action. Taylor is a local product we don't know much about. This is a solid 4 or 5-man unit that could use a few promising youngsters for depth. Missing is a true burner who can take the top off a defensive secondary. If we sign Cribbs, that piece of the puzzle could be filled. If not, there has been growing buzz that Tavon Austin would be in the Cards' headlights. More likely, the Cards might look to add a game-breaker like Marquise Goodwin, Markus Wheaton, Kenny Stills or Ryan Swope later in the draft.
11 Larry Fitzgerald, Pitt, 6-3 223 (D1) - Contract Exp: 2018
12 Andre Roberts WR 5-10 195 Citadel (D3) - Contract Exp: 2013
17 LaRon Byrd WR 6-4 220 22 R Miami (FL) -  - Contract Exp: 2014
15 Michael Floyd WR 6-3 225 22 R Notre Dame
- Contract Exp: 2015
18 Kerry Taylor WR 6-0 200 1 ASU - Reserve Futures
Tight Ends:
 2013 Pre-Draft     This unit was weakened with the departure of Heap. King is the best blocker of the group, can catch in the clutch and provides veteran leadership. Housler improved in more of a receiving role. Dray continues to hang in there, but hasn't done much special to impress. Don't know much about Sperry who joined team late in the season. We don't think the Cards have made TE a burning priority, but their silence about the position could signal a move to pick up another TE as early as 38 (if Eifert was still there) or a lesser-known one later in the draft.
87 Jeff King 6-3 260 Va. Tech (Panthers)  - Contract Exp: 2013
84 Rob Housler 6-5 250 Florida Atlantic - Contract Exp: 2014
81 Jim Dray 6-4 251 (D7) Stanford  - Contract Exp: 2013
30 Korey Sperry TE 6-5 265 (4) Colorado St - Contract Exp: 2013
Offensive Linemen:
  2013 Pre-Draft   I was not happy with the Cardinal offensive line play last year, nor am I fully confident that Levi Brown will do a satisfactory job at LT now that he's back. So far, the only addition to the OL made in free agency was OG Chilo Racal who'd be expected to challenge for a starting job. As of right now, our starting line-up would figure to be LT-Brown - LG-Colledge - C-Sendlein  -RG-Snyder - RT-Massie with Potter our backup tackle, Rachal and Kelemete backup guards and Snyder doubling as backup center and the rest of the guys fighting to survive on the roster. Although there are some Cardinal officials and fans who feel that our rookie tackles (Potter and Massie) have shown sufficient improvement, that Levi has been unfairly criticized and that the unit as-is should become much better under new coaching - the smart money has the Cards using 2 of their first 3 or 4 picks on offensive linemen. There are 5 elite linemen this draft (Joeckel, Fisher, L Johnson, Warmack and Cooper) - plus Fluker who figures to be gone by mid-round). If one of them is available at #7, the Cards are better than 50-50 to draft one of them. (The other less likely possibilities being to draft an available edge pass-rusher, a brick-wall NT or trading down a bit). It will all boil down to what the Cardinal Top 7 board looks like (Don't expect Steve Keim or BA to share this info with us). If the Cards don't draft offensive linemen high, look for them to consider second-echelon linemen like Quessenberry, Thornton, Warford, Schwenke, Fredrickson or Barrett Jones.

63 Lyle Sendlein C (6-2, 305) -Texas  - Contract Exp: 2015
71 Daryl Colledge T 6-4 308 Boise St. FA Pack  - Contract Exp: 2015
68 Adam Snyder 6-6 325 Oregon - Contract Exp: 2016
73 Chilo Rachal G 6-5 323 (5) USC (Bears, Niners)

64 Senio Kelemete G 6-4 301 21 R Washington - Contract Exp: 2015
70 Bobby Massie T 6-6 316 22 R Mississippi - Contract Exp: 2015
76 Nate Potter T 6-6 300 23 R Boise State - Contract Exp: 2015

69 Mike Gibson G/T 6-4 305 (4) California  - Contract Exp: 2013
66 Scott Wedige C 6-4 310 R Northern Illinois - Contract Exp: 2014

75 Levi Brown T 6-5 323 Penn St (D1)  - Contract Exp: 2016

65 Jeremiah Warren G 6-4 320 South Florida - Reserve Futures

Defensive Linemen:
 2013 Pre-Draft     The Cards seem to be happy with the configuration of its starting DL (with big ol' Dan Williams sandwiched between "The Penetrator" (Darnell Dockett) and "The Sky-Scraper" (Calais Campbell). They appear to be providing depth behind DDocket with Frostee Rucker and behind Campbell with Thompson and Shaughnessy. Carter was an admirable backup to Williams inside (but quicker, more mobile and with less sand in his pants). Talley and Lumpkin provide rotational backup depth.   The Cards need to develop more of a pass-rush presence overall. One of the ways this can be accomplished (besides using edge-rushing OLB's and blitz-packages that feature a lot  DB's) is draft one or more DE's who can rush the passer. They could go the DE/OLB tweener route and look closely at Werner, Mingo or D Moore. Or they could consider physical clones of Dockett or Campbell who can rush the passer (like Margus Hunt or Datone Jones)  or an athletic freak (like Ziggy Ansah) who's smaller than  DDock and Calais but bigger than the other designated rushers in this draft. Other than Ansah (or possibly Mingo) I don't think we'd consider a DE at #7, but it could definitely be a possibility at #38 or later.
90 Darnell Dockett DT-DE 6-3 292 Florida St. (D3) - Contract Exp: 2015
92 Dan Williams NT 6-2 327 Tennessee - Contract Exp: 2014

93 Calais Campbell DE 6-8 283 Miami (D2) - Contract Exp: 2016
91 Matt Shaughnessy DE/UT 6-5 285
98 Frostee Rucker DE 6-3 280 (7) USC

79 David Carter DE 6-5 300 UCLA - Contract Exp: 2014
96 Ronald Talley DE 6-3 286 Delaware-ER

95 Ricky Lumpki
n 6-4 306 Kentucky - Status Unclear
60 Everette Thompson 6-6 272 R Washington - Reserve Futures
 2013 Pre-Draft    Cards took a hit with the departure of edge-rusher Groves, Bradley and Lenon along with the 4-game suspencion of DWash. The Cards replaced them with Brinkley and Alexander. (The versatile Alexander was initially penciled in at OLB but may have to fill in at ILB until Washington returns. According to D Urban, Acho's numbers were down last season, but Horton swore by him (but Horton won't be back as DC, so we'll just have to see). Schofield had pass rushing talent but got injured just as he was settling in opposite Acho. Walker is ready to either step up or step out (probably the former). Fugger, Nash and Parker are all young guys fighting for a roster spot. The Cards could use an edge-rusher and figure to be zeroing in on a few draft prospects, but there's a shortage of elite edge-rushers in this draft (especially at OLB). The Cards could explore converting a smaller, explosive DE (like ansah, Mingo or Moore) to play OLB, but the transition is seldom as easy as you'd think. If Jordan were somehow available at #7, the Cards would be hard-pressed not to take him. It's likely that he won't be there and the Cards will, no doubt take a hard look from #38 or later at OLB's like J Jones, Jenkins or Gooden.
94 Sam Acho LB 6-2 257 Texas - Contract Exp: 2014
58 Daryl Washington ILB 6-1 230 (D2) TCU - Contract Exp: 2017
50 O Brien Schofield 6-2 230 R Wisconsin - Contract Exp: 2013
56 Reggie  Walker, LB 6-0 238 Kansas State (UDFA) - Contract Exp: 2013

97 Lorenzo Alexander LB 6-1 244 (6) California
54 Jasper Brinkley ILB 6-1 252 (4) South Carolina

53 Tim Fugger LB 6-4 250 23 Vanderbilt - Reserve Futures

59 Zack Nash LB 6-4 260 22 R Sacramento State - Contract Exp: 2014
97 Colin Parker LB 6-1 223 22 R Arizona State - Reserve Futures
Defensive Backs:
  2013 Pre-Draft    Depending on who you talk to - the Cardinals blew up what was arguably the best Cardinal secondary ever when they released both starting safeties (Wilson and Rhodes) along with two corners who played opposite Patrick Peterson (Gay and Toler). But the Cards added 6 new DB's via free agency. Cards added banger Yeremiah Bell to replace A-Dub, and Rashad Johnson has been promoted to the other starting safety. Back is second year corner, Jamell Fleming to compete with Powers, Cason, McCann and Bethel to start opposite Peterson and provide nickel and dime depth. I don't see the Cards aggressively seeking more CB depth, but I do think they'll want to add another quality young safety (Bell isn't exactly a spring chicken). Some Cardinal observers feel that the Cards may have Matt Elam in their sights as high as #38. I think a more likely scenario might involve Swearinger in the 3rd round or McDonald or Wolff later on. Interesting predicament might be if there was a run on O-linemen at the top of the draft and Milliner was at the top of our board - should we take him?
21 Patrick Peterson CB 6-1 219 UNC - Contract Exp: 2014
25 Jerraud Powers CB 5-10 187 (4) Auburn (Chargers)

27 Adams, Michael CB 5-8 181 Louisiana-Lafayette Dallas, TX - UFA
39 James Sanders 5-10 210 Fresno St. (FA7) - UFA
31 Justin Bethel S 6-0 190 21 R Presbyterian - Contract Exp: 2015
23 Jamell Fleming CB 5-11 206 22 R Oklahoma - Contract Exp: 2015
49 Rashad Johnson S 5-11 203 Alabama - UFA
20 Antoine Cason CB 6-1 195  (5) Arizona
37 Yeremiah Bell S 6-0 205 (9) Eastern Kentucky
27 Jonathan Amaya S 6-2 205 (3) Nevada (Reno)
22 Brian McCann CB 5-11 185 (3) SMU
26 Curtis Taylor S 6-2 212 (2) LSU
Specialty Teams:
  2013 Pre-Draft     All three had solid seasons in 2012 and figure to be back in 2013. No need to draft anyone - we'll probably add extra FA guys to shoulder training camp burden
04 Jay Feely K 510 208 Michigan (Jets) - Contract Exp: 2013
09 Dave Zastudil P 6-3 220 (FA-9) Ohio U - Contract Exp: 2014
82 Mike Leach, LS, 6-2 220 William & Mary (FA Broncos - Contract Exp: 2014)
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