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Running Back DataBase

Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
38 Travis Etienne 1 Clemson   5-10 205 2

Forty: 4.41 (@ 215 lbs - up from 199)

Home run waiting to happen. Special big-play ability. ..Reinvented himself as a legit weapon in the passing game as a senior. ..Burst from a standstill is different from every other back in the class. ...Contact balance for days. Barely loses speed on arm tackles. But: Gets caught looking for the bounce out. Won't fly in the NFL... Rushing numbers took a big hit when the Clemson OL fell off in 2020. ...Not a take-what's-there kind of back. Not going to grind out short gains.. .Hasn't had a game with 20-plus carries since 2018 - PFF.


Najee Harris
2 Alabama   6-1 230 2

Forty: NA

Loose hips for a big back. Can shake defenders or run through them. ..Special catch radius for a running back. ...Size and strength advantage that will translate to the NFL. ...A load to bring down in space: 22 broken tackles on 43 catches this year. ...But: One of the slower top running back prospects you'll see. Only 25 career carries of 20-plus yards. .....Runs behind elite line every year. Almost always gets to line of scrimmage clean. ...Doesn't always run with mentality of a bigger back. Will hesitate into tight holes. ... - PFFHigh cut at 6-foot-2. Gets chopped down easier at next level.


45 Javonte Williams 3 No Carolina   5-10 220 2

Forty: NA

Runs hard as can be. Chooses violence. ...Ridiculously good balance. Stays on his feet after some big hits. ...The single most elusive season we've ever graded in 2020. ...Ideal running back build with tremendous burst. ...One-year wonder to a degree. Production was in timeshare, too...But . ...Three drops on 27 catchable this past season. Not the greatest ball skills. ....Disappeared against the best defense they faced in Notre Dame. ...Long speed doesn't match burst.


75 Michael Carter 4 No Carolina   5-8 199 3

Forty: NA

Capable of sharp, explosive cuts. Elite stop/start ability. ....Contact balance is a plus. Strong lower half. ...Runs much harder than you'd expect at his size. Will lower shoulder. ...Accomplished receiver who can pants linebackers in coverage....But: Still very small. Hits feel different in the NFL for 199-pound backs....Late breakout. Decidedly different player as senior than earlier in career. ...Worry about him as pass protector. Not his forte. - PFF


94 Kenneth Gainwell 5 Memphis   5-11 195 3

Forty: NA

Has slot receiver-esque route-running ability. Could likely play there full-time. ...Some of the best hands at the RB position. Three drops on 60 career catchable targets. ...Elite agility. Was rarely pinned down in space. A nightmare for linebackers one-on-one. ...But: Wants to run hard. Not completely toast when defenders get hands on him, unlike some small backs.....Scatback size. May never get his weight up to feel good about him in pass protection. ...Freelance running style. Didn't have to stay on track with his reads to create big plays. ...Slower than you'd prefer for an undersized back. Middling top speed. ...Opted out of 2020 season.


103 Rhamondre Stevenson 6 Oklahoma   6-0 246 3

Forty: NA

Tank of a running back. Super-thick build. ...Cutting ability that you don't often see from a man that size. ...Have to get him cleanly to bring him down. Takes more than an outstretched arm to bring him down. ...Loves to hit 'em with the big-fella spin move. Not just a pure power guy. ...But: Mentality of a smaller back. Tries to be a tackle- breaker instead of a piledriver. ...Little high cut. Not a shoulder-lowerer. ....Barely got to see him: 165 career carries (and also 3 fumbles on those). ....Likely only a "swings and screens" type of receiver at the position.


116 Trey Serman 7 Ohio St   6-1 215 4

Forty: NA

Contact balance is a massive plus. Guys melt off him. ...Can stop on a dime. Gives good dead leg in space. ....Proved he could produce in a larger role down the stretch for Ohio State this year. ...Not fast, but has requisite short-area burst for the position. ...But: Tall for a RB and doesn't get particularly low with the ball in his hands. ....Speed challenged.... Not going to run away from even NFL linebackers. ...Ran at two schools with loaded offensive lines. ...Never really utilized in a meaningful way in the passing game.


148 Kylin Hill 8 Miss St   5-11 210 4+

Forty: 4.51

Consistent tackle-breaker with powerful lower half — 116 broken tackles on 453 career carries. ...Explosiveness necessary for a starting-caliber back in the league. ...Showed out as a receiver in limited time this year with some catches outside his frame. ...Tough stiff-arm in the open field. Locks out would-be tacklers. ...But: Runs high and not one to lower shoulder to get a few extra yards. ...One speed runner that rarely set up blocks. ...Too quick to get lateral to the line of scrimmage...Not a north/south guy.


152 Khalil Herbert 9 Virginia Tech   5-9 212 4+

Forty: 4.46

Low center of gravity at 5-foot-9, 212 pounds. Not easily chopped down. ...Big play after big play this past season. Sneaky speed. ....Don't call him a one-year wonder — Herbert was dominant in 2019 before leaving Kansas. ...Even returned kicks for the Hokies and had a score called back. ....But: Would like his cuts to be a little crisper at his size. Rounds off a little. ...Not clear exactly why he left Kansas program midseason. ...Very old for a draftable back. Fifth-year senior. Never had more than 10 catches in a season.


153 Demetric Felton 10+ UCLA   5-9 186 4 +

Forty: NA

Tremendous shiftiness. Very likely a child tag prodigy. ...Loses no speed out of route breaks. True pass- game weapon. ...Former slot wide receiver who could still play there. ...Put on significant amount of muscle to get to viable every-down size. ....But: Still hesitant between the tackles. Not your bell cow from a carries standpoint. ...Quicker than fast...Not a home-run hitter despite size. ...Goes down too easily on contact. No power element. Still haven't seen a ton of him. Only 234 career carries.



157 Jaret Patterson 10+ Buffalo   5-9 195  

Forty: NA

Laser-sharp cuts. Such impressive balance. ....Outstanding vision and patience. Perfectly operated outside-zone-heavy scheme. ....All the traits necessary to be a deadly receiver out of backfield. Used more there in 2019. ....Showed hard-nosed running style that can run any concept. ....But: Not particularly fast despite size. Can easily be caught in open field. ...Ran behind very talented Buffalo line that gave him some massive holes. ...Hasn't added much muscle since freshman year. ..Showed up at 195 pounds and weighs the same now.


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