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2012 Roster Battles
Last Updated October 10, 2012
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Made Final 53 |  Injured  | Gonzo
 OTAs  7/3 -'s Bucky Brooks conducts a "Jaws-like" analysis of  Kolb vs. Skelton. 6/8 -  It looks like Kolb and Skelton will compete to start. Skelton has more natural talent, but Kolb is more NFL-ready. Kent Somers observed that  Skelton has been slightly less consistent in OTA's. Cards like Lindley's raw talent,  but Bartel's smarts make him and ideal #3.
04 Kevin Kolb 6-3 218 U of Houston - Philly (trade)
19 John Skelton 6-5 243 Fordham (D5)

14 Ryan LIndley QB 6-4 230 22 San Diego State
02 Bartel, Richard QB 6-3 230 27 2 Tarleton State - IR
Running Backs:
 Reg. Season 6  10/10 - Wells is on recallable IR.  -  Bo   t OTAs 6/8 -  Both Williams and Wells are rehabbing, and the information concerning their progress is a bit murky. Alfonso Smith and LSH are focusing on "being" ready if and when called on (especially intangibles like blitz pickup and route running). It will be difficult for anyone to displace Sherman at FB and unlikely we'll keep more than one lead blocker.
26 Beanie Wells RB 6-2 229 Ohio State (Recallable IR)
34 Ryan Williams RB 5-9 212 Virginia Tec
h (IR)
36 LaRod Stephens-Howling RB PItt (D7a)
33 William Powell 5-9 205 RB K-State UDFA
35 Anthony Sherman FB 5-10 242 UConn

29 Alfonso Smith RB 6-1 208 23 R Kentucky
30 Korey Hall FB 6-0 236 Boise St.

45 Javaris James RB 6-0 215 Miami FL (Colts)

31W Thomas Clayton (3) 5-11 222 K-State

42 Reagan Mau'ia FB 6-10 265 Hawaii
38 Jared Crank FB 6-2 238 23 R Purdue
Wide Receivers:
 OTAs 6/8 - The only fixture thus far is Fitz. There will be lots of competition for the other 4 or 5 roster spots. Inside edge goes to Floyd (despite not being signed or having played a single down in the pros) because he best fits the prototypical profile for a #2 receiver. Wiz is saying nice things about Roberts, but both he and Doucet seem better fits in a #3 slot role. Stephen Williams is making another run to back up Fitz or push /backup the #2. The other 7 guys are fighting to flash something and be noticed. Sampson impressed the coaches a litle bit a year ago and figures to have a slight inside edge to make the roster. Keep an eye on Arukwe (who runs between a 4.1 and 4.2 forty).
11 Larry Fitzgerald, Pitt, 6-3 223 (D1
15 Michael Floyd WR 6-3 225 22 Notre Dame
12 Andre Roberts WR 5-10 195 Citadel (D3)
85 Early Doucet WR (D3) 6-0 211 LSU
17 LaRon Byrd 6-4 220 22 R Miami FL

18 Stephen Williams  WR 6-5 199 23 R Toledo
80 Isaiah Williams 6-3 200 Maryland

10 DeMarco Sampson WR 6-2 204 San Diego St.
83 Jaymar Johnson WR 6-0 176 Jackson State
13 Stanley Arukwe WR 6-0 184 23 Troy
16 Trey Gray WR 5-10 175 22 R Richmond
89 Gino Crump WR 6-2 210 23 R Arizona

Marc Wilson WR 5-11 190 22 R St. Anslem
Tight Ends:
 OTAs 6/8 -  Some fans are grousing about Heap ayear ago, but failed to realize he was playing on a bum hamstring. If he can stay healthy, he'll still be our #1 dude. King (who is coming off minor offseason knee surgery) catches better than expected. Everyone's excited about Housler- a potential seam-buster in the Gronkowski/Graham mold. I just have a hunch about Webb as a blocking TE (based on his size alone) Dray saw a lot of action a year ago but wasn't all that impressive. He and  Skelton are long shots to survive, but we could keep an extra TE since we'll probably only keep one FB (Sherman).
86 Todd Heap 6-5 245 Arizona State (Ravens)
87 Jeff King 6-3 260 Va. Tech (Panthers)
84 Rob Housler 6-5 250 Florida Atlantic
81 Jim Dray 6-4 251 (D7) Stanford
48 Martell Webb 6-3 276 Michigan

44 Stephen Skelton 6-5 250 Fordham UDFA
Offensive Linemen:
 OTAs 6/8 -  When you're a coach, you're not likely to badmouth the guys on your roster (since they may still turn out to be the best you've got, and you'll have to live with them). The result has been a lot of "hate 'em" vs. "they're not all that bad" cross-talk among fans, coaches and pundits. The Cards didn't re-sign a couple of RG's (Lutui and Hadnot) and their starting RT (Keith) and restocked their larder with a bunch of young prospects, but we'll have to wait to see which, if any, will be able to dislodge any starter. As of today, our starting five consists of Levi Brown, Daryl Colledge,Lyle Sendlein, newcomer Adam Snyder and swingman Jeremy Bridges. That could change, if some of the youngsters make a serious run at starting.

The Cards drafted T Bobbie Massie, GSenio Kelemete and T Nate Potter and picked up promising UDFA tackle Blake DeChristopher. All of them "on paper" have the potential to start with veterans, D'Anthony Batiste and DJ Young in the mix as relative longshots. Bartholomew figures to have the inside edge to be our backup center, with UDFA Wedige also competing for a spot. I don't know that much about Stewart (nice size, good college program) or Claysen.

As I see it, the odds right now favor Levi surviving as our starting LT but Massie to eventually edge out Bridges at RT. Keep an eye on Potter to gain enough experience to push Levi later in the season.

DeChristopher was put on the waived-injured list.

71 Daryl Colledge G 6-4 308 Boise St. FA Pack
63 Lyle Sendlein C
(6-2, 305) -Texas (UDFA)
68 Adam Snyder G /T 6-6 325 Oregon

72 Rich Ohrnberger G 6-2 300 Penn State (3 year vet)
74 D'Anthony Batiste OL 6-4 314 Louisiana-Lafayette

70 Bobby Massie T 6-6 316 22 R Mississippi
76 Nate Potter T 6-6 300 23 R Boise St.

64 Senio Kelemete G 6-4 301 21 R Washington
75 Levi Brown T 6-5 323 Penn St (D1)
67 Pat McQuistan, T 6-6 317 Weber (Cowboys)i 
73 Bridges, Jeremy RT.OG 6-4 325 Southern Mississippi 

62 Ryan Bartholomew C (6-1 310) Syracuse
65 Russ Hochstein C-G 6-4 300 Nebraska (13 year vet)
65 Blake DeChristopher G 6-5 313 23 R Virginia Tech

66 Scott Wedige C 6-4 310 R Northern Illinois

61 Chris Stewart 6-4 325 Notre Dame
67 DJ Young T 6-5 298 Michigan State
60 Braeden Clayson G 6-6 300 22 R Idaho St.

70 Rex Hadnot G/C 6-2 310 (FA Cleve)
76 Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui G 6-4 334 USC (D2) 

Defensive Linemen:
 OTAs 6/8 - The starting 3-man front (of Campbell, Williams and Dockett) is as good as it gets, The coaches like Eason and Carter, and Holliday is rumored to be close to re-signing. All three weigh less than our two starting DE's and far less than Williams. Since a DE rotation ideally should consist of 6 "starters", we're missing size at backup NT and are vulnerable to getting blacktopped late in games.

Cards picked up veteran FA Cohen (Lions, Pats). Talley and Lumpkin are young guys who have been brought along slowly. Obi and Finau are UDFA's.
93 Calais Campbell DE 6-8 283 Miami (D2)
92 Dan Williams NT 6-2 327 Tennessee (D1)
90 Darnell Dockett DT-DE 6-3 292 Florida St. (D3)
98 Nick Eason  DT 6-3 305 Clemson (Steelers)

79 David Carter DE 6-5 300 UCLA
91 Vonnie Holliday DE/DT 6-5 288 No. Carolina (Skins)
96 Ronald Talley DE 6-3 286 Delaware

95 Ricky Lumpkin 6-4 306 Kentucky
xx Everett Thompson DL
69 Tevita Finau DE 6-4 283 26 R Utah

78 Conrad Obi  DE 6-3 290 23 R Colorado
 OTAs 6/8 - All indications are that Acho and Schofield will be elevated to starting outside bookend roles. Both showed they could get to the QB, but more will be expected of them. Haggans has re-signed - apparently tobackup the starters and serve as mentor, but don't tell that to Clark; he's competing  to start. Inside, Washington was the team's most prolific tackler, and coaches raved about Lenon's contributions - especially in coverage and providing veteran leadership, but the Cards do see a need for more consistent inside run support. Veteran FA Bradley will be given every opportunity to become that man, but he will have to perform at a much higher level than he did a year ago. One positive Bradley attribute: versatility - he can play both inside or outside.

Behind those "top six" are 5 hungry veterans (Williams, Sturdivant, Walker, Coleman and the recently signed Groves) plus 4 UDFA wannabees (Nash, Parker, Vasello and McGraw). Nash best fits the "Steeler (Harrison/Woodley) size protoype", so I'll be especially keeping an eye on him.

7/26 - Nash (leg) left practice.
94 Sam Acho LB 6-2 257 Texas
58 Daryl Washington ILB 6-1 230 (D2) TCU
51 Paris Lenon LB 6-2 345 32 9 Richmond
55 Stewart Bradley 6-4 255 Nebraska (Eagles)

50 O Brien Schofield 6-2 230 R Wisconsin

56 Reggie  Walker, LB 6-0 238 Kansas State (UDFA)
54 Quentin Groves OLB 6-3 265 4 Auburn (FA Oakland)
57 Jamaal Westerman OLB 6-3 265 Rutgers (Dolphs)

53 Clark Haggans LOLB 6-4 243 Colo State (Steelers - FA)
57 Antonio Coleman 6-1 273 Auburn

59 Brandon Williams 6-3 250 Texas Tech
52 Quan Sturdivant LB 6-1 241 North Carolina

52 Marcus McGraw LB 6-0 228 22 R Houston
43R Zack Nash LB 6-4 260 22 R Sacramento State
97 Colin Parker LB 6-1 223 22 R Arizona State
48R Paul Vassallo LB 6-3 247 22 R Arizona
46 Broderick Binns LB 6-2 261 22 R Iowa
Defensive Backs:
 OTAs 6/8 -   16 players are competing to fill  8 - 10 DB spots. By year's end last season, Patrick Peterson had nailed down one of the two starting CB jobs. Toler was injured and lost for the entire season. His replacement, Jefferson - who had all the raw talent in the world - was in over his head and replaced by veteran swingman Marshall (who will not be back). Cards signed Gay to replace Marshall. He, Jefferson and the returning Toler are expected to compete for the other starting CB spot. Cards drafted Fleming as a 3rd round BPA. He's shown good poise in OTA's but will be hard-pressed to beat out Toler, Jefferson or Gay for a starting spot. "Money Mike" Adams returns to capably handle slot, nickel and dime chores.

Last season, Wilson played hurt all year, and Rhodes was out for most of the season due to injury. Both are expected back hale and hearty. This figures to be a make or break year for former 3rd round pick Johnson. Keep an eye on athletic rookie Bethel. Marshall/Gay lookalike Sanders figures to be in the mix  as a swingman CB/S. PS refugees Green and Butler will try to break into what seems to be a talented and deep group of DB's as are UDFA's Elder, Parker and NIxon. This may be one of those years where you look for one or possibly two underlings to step up and make their unexpected presence shown.
24 Adrian Wilson S 6-2 217 North Carolina (D3)
25 Kerry Rhodes S 6-3 209 Louisville
21 Patrick Peterson CB 6-1 219 UNC

28 Greg Toler 5-11 191 St. Paul's College (D4)
22 William Gay CB 5-10 190 Louisville
29 Crezdon Butler CB 6-0 191 Clemson

23 Jamell Fleming CB 5-11 206 22 R Oklahoma

27 Adams, Michael CB 5-8 181 Louisiana-Lafayette Dallas, TX
49 Rashad Johnson S 5-11 203 Alabama

39 James Sanders 5-10 210 Fresno St (FA7)
31 Justin Bethel S 6-0 190 21 R Presbyterian
20 A.J. Jefferson . CB 6-0 190 22 R Fresno State - Traded to Minn.

37R Blake Gideon S Texas
30 Marshay Green  CB 5-9 175 24 R Mississippi
38R James Nixon CB 6-1 190 24 R California (PA)
41 Larry Parker CB 5-11 170 R San Diego State
42 Eddie Elder S 5-10 185 Arizona State

32 Korey Lindsey CB 5-10 194 Southern Illinois
40 Pat Tillman, S Arizona State  "Forever"
Specialty Teams:
  OTAs 6/8 -   Feely is apparently a team leader in the lockerroom. He remains a solid (& reassuring) presence. I have never been that impressed by Zastudil and will be watching closely to see if newcomer Schmitt can mount a serious threat. Leach remains our long-snapper (an "invisible" position - until you discover you don't have someone to play it). As a punt returner, Peterson won games for us; but it could be risky to continue to have your lock-down CB returning punts. Last year's watchword was "Kick Returner by Committee. Judging by the number of pure rookie free-agent speed guys the Cards picked up, you get the feeling we'll keep one or two blazer-type WR's or CB's at the back-end of the depth chart if they can prove they're explosive enough.
04 Jay Feely K 510 208 Michigan(Jets)
09 Dave Zastudil P 6-3 220 (FA-9) Ohio U
82 Mike Leach, LS, 6-2 220 William & Mary (FA Broncos)
01 Ricky Schmitt 6-3 217 Sheperd
Practice Squad:
59 Zack Nash LB 6-4 260 Sacramento St
44 Steve Skelton TE 6-5 250 Fordham
67 Steven Baker OT 6-8 310 (Colts)
95 Ricky Lumpkin DL 6-4 306 Kentucky
18 Kerry Taylor WR 6-0 200 ASU
52 Colin Parker LB 6-1 223 Arizona
20 Greg McCoy CB 5-10 178 TCU
80 Isiah Williams 6-3 200 Maryland
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