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2012 Pre-Draft Position Needs
Last Updated April 25, 2012
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Position Needs   Kolb and Skelton remain works in process and, therefore, iffy, but we're going to have to live with that. Cards have looked at local talent (Osweiler and Foles) and could take a shot at one of them as a QBOF behind Kolb or Skelton plus Bartel.
04 Kevin Kolb 6-3 218 U of Houston - Philly (trade)
19 John Skelton 6-5 243 Fordham (D5)

02 Bartel, Richard QB 6-3 230 27 2 Tarleton State
Running Backs:
Position Needs     Return of Williams (who was hurt in preseason after impressing the coaches) will give us 2 all-purpose RB's and add a home run dimension. Cards could use a thumper but don't expect any draft action early.
26 Beanie Wells RB 6-2 229 Ohio State
34 Ryan Williams RB 5-9 212 Virginia Tech

46 Alfonso Smith RB 6-1 208 23 R Kentucky

36 LaRod Stephens-Howling RB PItt (D7a)
37 William Powell 5-9 205 RB K-State UDFA

35 Anthony Sherman FB 5-10 242 UCon
Wide Receivers:
Position Needs     While Fitz is a fixture (a "Fitzure?"), both Roberts and Doucet are liked more as #3 slot guys and not reliable #2's. Steven Williams has not lived up to Year One hype. Others are all developmental. Look for Cards to draft a #2 receiver they can trust to get open and hang onto the ball - especially in clutch situations. They could take a shot at #13. Floyd could drop there. Or they could reach a bit for Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill. My sleeper (projected to go in the 7th round or as an UDFA) is Boise State's Tyler Shoemaker - Moore's go-to guy but thought to be a possession receiver with so-so speed. He's 6-1 216 and ran in the 4.4's on his pro day. That's plenty fast enough.
11 Larry Fitzgerald, Pitt, 6-3 223 (D1
12 Andre Roberts WR 5-10 195 Citadel (D3)
85 Early Doucet WR (D3) 6-0 211 LSU
18 Stephen Williams  WR 6-5 199 23 R Toledo
80 Isaiah Williams 6-3 200 Maryland

10 DeMarco Sampson WR 6-2 204 San Diego St.
83 Jaymar Johnson WR 6-0 176 Jackson State

17 Chansi Stuckey 6-0 196 Clemson

Tight Ends:
Position Needs    Heap was a disappointment, but King - supposedly a blocking specialist - surprised everyone with his hands. Housler is a big, fast, raw "seam-buster" who is expected to have a break-thru second year. I don't view this as a high position priority, especially within the context of a poor draft class for TE's.
86 Todd Heap 6-5 245 Arizona State (Ravens)
87 Jeff King 6-3 260 Va. Tech (Panthers)
84 Rob Housler 6-5 250 Florida Atlantic
81 Jim Dray 6-4 251 (D7) Stanford
44 Stephen Skelton 6-5 250 Fordham UDFA
48 Martell Webb 6-3 276 Michigan
Offensive Linemen:
Position Needs      An unaddressed area of urgent need. Based on their play-by-play grades, our three tackles (Keith, L Brown and Bridges) were rated by PFF to be the three worst pass-blockers in the NFL. Granted, our tackles played better during the second half of the season, but for most of the year, our QB's were running for their lives and it's amazing that Beanie ran for 1,000 yards. At OG, we cut Hadnot and lost Lutui but signed Snyder (formerly with SF). Keith is 50-50 at best to come back. The rest of the unit are relatively unknown backups (with understandably unknown potential). Problem in the draft is that - after Kalil and Reiff - there aren't any solid pass blocking LT types representing decent value at #13 on downward through the second round and into the 3rd. There are plenty of other talented linemen, but almost all of them project to play guard (or possibly RT) with a few considered to have the potential to be developed into a LT. The problem is that the transition from OG to LT is a risky one - especially at #13. Other than Kalil and Reiff, the one other intriguing lineman in the Top 15 is OG David DeCastro (said to have Steve Hutchison-type talent). Quite possibly, we might draft DeCastro as a BPA and then play musical chairs with the rest of the starters on our offensive line. But it won't solve our OT problem.

75 Levi Brown T 6-5 323 Penn St (D1)  
73 Bridges, Jeremy RT.OG 6-4 325 Southern Mississippi 
74 D'Anthony Batiste OL 6-4 314
67 DJ Young 6-5 298 T Michigan St. UDFA
72 Brandon Keith OL 6-5 345 No. Iowa(D7)  

63 Lyle Sendlein C
(6-2, 305) -Texas (UDFA)
62 Ryan Bartholomew C (6-1 310) Syracuse
71 Daryl Colledge G 6-4 308 Boise St. FA Pack
68 Adam Snyder G /T 6-6 325 Oregon
61 Chris Stewart 6-4 325 Notre Dame
70 Rex Hadnot G/C 6-2 310 (FA Cleve)
76 Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui G 6-4 334 USC (D2) 

Defensive Linemen:
Position Needs        Given the physically demanding nature of the Front 3 in a 34 front, you'd ideally want to have this unit consist of "6 starters" who'd rotate in and out of the lineup with little or no drop-off in talent. The starting front 3 of Calais, Dan Williams and Dockett is as good as you'll find anywhere. And their backups - Holliday, Eason and Carter provided active, gritty, productive depth. But none of our backups can be considered equal to the starting three talent-wise and could use an upgrade. This draft is deep in DT talent, and some of these guys (like Cox, Martin and Reyes) are nimble enough to be moved outside to be anchors in a 34. Inside, either  Poe or Brockers is considered close-to #13 value and could, with Dan Williams, bolster our depth inside
93 Calais Campbell DE 6-8 283 Miami (D2)
79 David Carter DE 6-5 300 UCLA
96 Ronald Talley DE 6-3 286 Delaware

91 Vonnie Holliday DE/DT 6-5 288 No. Carolina (Skins)

90 Darnell Dockett DT-DE 6-3 292 Florida St. (D3)
98 Nick Eason  DT 6-3 305 Clemson (Steelers)

92 Dan Williams NT 6-2 327 Tennessee (D1)
95 Ricky Lumpkin NT 60-4 306 Kentucky
Position Needs          You could say we "got lucky" a year ago, when Schofield and Acho stepped up to provide us with otherwise missing pass rushing pizazz from our OLB's to go with Campbell's impressive sack totals from the DE position. But most observers don't feel it's enough. Although they didn't play poorly, we didn't get enough production from Haggans or from Joey Porter. Inside, Daryl Washington was a tackling machine who filled the WILB slot as well as you could want. But, while - opposite DWash at the other ILB - Paris Lenon was lauded for his veteran smarts and leadership and coverage skills, we could have been tougher vs. the run. Rotational backup Stewart Bradley never got untracked (& continues to offer potential without the expected results). The rest of the guys here are unproven backups with the need to prove something. There are high hopes for Sturdivant (who was drafted last year but injured). Figuring to be 3rd on our board (behind Kalil and Reiff) figures to be pass rushing specialist Melvin Ingram. The only inside guy who might fall to us at #13 would be Luke Keuchly. Behind him, the top 2 guys who could stiffen us inside figure to be Hightower (who figures to be gone later in the 1st round) and Mychal Kendrick (who might be around at #80). Look for the Cards to add at least one LB in the draft/maybe two.
53 Clark Haggans LOLB 6-4 243 Colo State (Steelers - FA)
58 Daryl Washington ILB 6-1 230 (D2) TCU
51 Paris Lenon LB 6-2 345 32 9 Richmond
55 Stewart Bradley 6-4 255 Nebraska (Eagles)

50 O Brien Schofield 6-2 230 R Wisconsin

94 Sam Acho LB 6-2 257 Texas
56 Reggie  Walker, LB 6-0 238 Kansas State (UDFA)
57 Antonio Coleman 6-1 273 Auburn
59 Brandon Williams 6-3 250 Texas tech
54 Quan Sturdivant LB 6-1 241 North Carolina
Defensive Backs:
Position Needs        At some point, the Cardinals will need to address "life without A-Dub", but other than that, this figures to be a deep & talented group that needs little more than continued solid coaching and development from Cioffi and Horton. Look for the Cards to consider a Wilson type in-the-box physical safety later in the draft. Darren Urban addressed the recent buzz that Mark Barron might be on Arizona's radar by observing that (a) the Cards are not likely to draft a safety in the first round and (b) Barron doesn't figure to be around after that.
21 Patrick Peterson CB 6-1 219 UNC
20 A.J. Jefferson . CB 6-0 190 22 R Fresno State
28 Greg Toler 5-11 191 St. Paul's College (D4)
30 Marshay Green  CB 5-9 175 24 R Mississippi
22 Crezdon Butler CB 6-0 191 Clemson
32 Korey Lindsey CB 5-10 194 Southern Illinois
27 Adams, Michael CB 5-8 181 Louisiana-Lafayette Dallas, TX
24 Adrian Wilson S 6-2 217 North Carolina (D3)
25 Kerry Rhodes S 6-3 209 Louisville

49 Rashad Johnson S 5-11 203 Alabama

23 William Gay CB 5-10 190 Louisville
xx Hamzah Abdullah S 6-2 215 Washington St
39 James Sanders 5-10 210 Fresno St (FA7)

40 Pat Tillman, S Arizona State  "Forever"
Specialty Teams:
Position Needs          No, I don't think we're going to draft a kicker, punter or snapper (even though Zastudil continues to make me nervous). Punt return duties are safely in the hands of the explosive Patrick Peterson. There are always a bunch of speedsters eligible to return kicks, but I could see us drafting a multi-talented scatback-receiver with home run potential like Kendall Wright (up high) or Joe Adams or Jarius Wright (later on).
04 Jay Feely K 510 208 Michigan(Jets)
09 Dave Zastudil P 6-3 220 (FA-9) Ohio U
82 Mike Leach, LS, 6-2 220 William & Mary (FA Broncos)
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